A man getting ready for a date always goes through a mental checklist. Killer smile? Check. Shirt that proves he spends time at the gym? Check. Witty observations? Check. Ability to feign interest in rom coms? Check. Overwhelming penis odor? Check - unfortunately. Yes, many guys, even those who regularly engage in good penis health practices, are cursed with persistent penis odor.

Sure, that penis odor may be well disguised through most of the night. But if things go as planned and it comes time for slipping out of the pants and into bed, then suddenly that penis odor may make more of an impression than the erection from which it emanates.

Penis odor shouldn’t put a quick end to an otherwise wonderful date. But what can a man do about it?


The first and most sensible thing a guy can do is to make sure he’s practicing good penis hygiene. Unless a man is a nudist, his penis tends to be kept packed away underneath two layers of clothing - trousers and underwear. This creates a high heat situation which is exacerbated by the presence of a thick thatch of pubic hair, which acts as an insulator and creates more heat. It’s no wonder that sweat develops on the penis, bringing with it the bacteria that causes penis odor. So being sure to wash the penis and surrounding area regularly and thoroughly is the first step in controlling an unwanted odor situation.

But there are other things to consider to help keep a date from ending with the unveiling of the manhood. These include:

- A quick scrub and change. Regular washing is important, but a guy with a consistent penis odor problem should visit the bathroom right before he plans on bringing out the equipment. A quick wash can eliminate some of the odor which may have developed on the date, and changing into a fresh pair of underwear will also help.

- Consider a shave. Manscaping is more and more common nowadays, and a guy with serious penis odor may want to give it a try. Shaving away the pubic hair takes away some of the insulation that produces odor-causing sweat. Also, with the hair gone, the sweat has fewer surfaces to cling onto and may drip further down and away from the penis.

- Go commando. Dispensing with underwear while on the actual date may not be a good idea, but regularly allowing the penis and balls to air out is an excellent way to help diminish unwanted stench. Many men find that sleeping in the buff does the trick for them. If that isn’t possible, spending an hour or so naked each day is advised for men with persistent odor issues.

- Watch the diet. Different bodies metabolize foods differently, but there are some foods that tend to produce a strong odor when they leave the body through urine or sweat, such as asparagus, broccoli and red meat. Tuna, garlic and onions are often associated with more pungent sweat. That doesn’t mean a man has to avoid these altogether, but he may want to moderate his intake or avoid them the day of the big date.

- Regularly apply a first rate penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin ) to fight penis odor and save a date. Not just any crème will do, of course. Be sure to select one that includes vitamin A among its ingredients. Also known as retinol, vitamin A is a natural antibacterial agent that can help eliminate the bacteria that causes penis odor to thrive. The crème should also include moisturizing agents like Shea butter and vitamin E. Frequent washing to eliminate odor can also eliminate the oils that keep the skin properly hydrated, so using moisturizing agents can help fight dry, patchy skin from developing.