Summer’s finally here, which means it’s time to shake up that boring indoor date repertoire with some sizzling summer activities. Now is the perfect time to head out for some active outdoor fun - and don’t be afraid to get a little hot and sweaty; it’ll just remind her of other activities that are in store for the steamy summer nights. But with all that summertime fun, guys need to step up the hygiene regimen - even if it means two-a-day showers; after all, no girl wants to get up close and personal with an overpowering penis odor. Here are some penis care tips to keep things fresh - and as a bonus, some summertime date ideas are included!

Water sports

Who doesn’t like getting a little wet and wild when the sun is beating down hard? Whether it is a simple dip in the lake, a trip to the water park or something more athletic, like water skiing, kayaking, or canoeing, water activities make for the perfect summer date. Everyone keeps cool while splashing around and having fun - and as an added bonus, she may just show off her banging body in a bikini. Be sure to bring lots of sunscreen, as a wicked sunburn will dampen the mood for fun between the sheets - and don’t forget, she will need help rubbing the lotion on all those hard to reach places!

Take a hike

Getting out into the great outdoors is an awesome way to bond with each other, whether it is the 1st date or the 10th wedding anniversary. A hike eliminates all distractions from the virtual world - after all no one plays on their smart phone during a hike - so she will be totally tuned into her man. Score bonus points by bringing a romantic picnic to share over a scenic view.

Rock climbing

Not for the faint of heart, rock climbing is an active date for the daring couple that wants to push the limits of their bodies. If both are experienced, take her to a favorite climbing spot and show off those hard-earned muscles a bit. But even if neither person has experience, signing up for a beginning rock climbing class with an instructor is an awesome way to flex one’s adventurous side. Plus, going through new experiences together ultimately strengthens the bond of any relationship.

Hop on a bike

It’s not a favorite American pastime because it’s not fun. A bike ride can take one back to a childlike state of no worries. Plus, not only will a good ride burn some calories; it’s also the perfect time to have a good chat and get to know one another sans boring coffee shop. Feeling extra adventurous? Rent a tandem bike for a romantic twist on an old favorite.

Play at the park

Speaking of recapturing one’s youth, a trip to a local park can be an unexpectedly fun summer date. Pack up a bag full of fun outdoor toys and let the magic begin. Fly a kite, play Frisbee, blow bubbles, or even take a spin on the swings to show her the fun-loving side of that serious man she knows. Don’t be afraid to take a page from the kids in the park and make up new games, play tag, or just lay on the ground deciding what the clouds look like. A park is a totally relaxing and fun way to spend the afternoon with a new crush - or the love of one’s life.

Keeping fresh all summer long

With all that biking, running, swimming and playing outdoors, it is not uncommon for a man to get a little bit of chafing, irritation, or even some odor going on below the belt. To avoid the summer stink, be sure to take a shower every day - that’s a no brainer - using gentle soap and water on the penis area. Also, keeping the clothing loose and breathable will help increase airflow and reduce sweating and bacteria growth - both of which lead to a funky junk. Finally, daily use of a penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) containing vitamin A (a natural antibacterial agent) will help crush odor-causing bacteria and eliminate the stink, all while reducing chafing and irritation so the manhood stays fresh and ready for whatever activities are coming up next.