There are tons of things that are betters in two: peas and carrots, vitamin C and E, and Jack and Diane. They just bring out the best in each other. It’s the same case for L-Carnitine and ED medication when it comes to strong erections. Separately, both contribute to greater vasodilation and blood flow which creates stronger erections for men who suffer from Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or intermittent bouts of erectile difficulty as brought on by stress or life situations. Let’s look at both of these vasodilators and see how they make penis magic when combined.

What is L-carnitine?

An amino acid made in the body, L-Carnitine is a building block for proteins. It’s used frequently for conditions of the heart and blood vessels. It’s also used for kidney disease, angina, high thyroid levels, and male infertility. This vasodilator helps get the blood moving to the body and has shown to be very helpful in the reproductive area.

What is ED medication?

Originally invented as a way to lower blood pressure, ED medication hit the scene as the first pill on the market to treat Erectile Dysfunction. ED medication works by relaxing the muscles in the walls of blood vessels in particular areas of the body allowing blood to flow to the stimulated penis. Sexual stimulation produces nitric oxide which causes the penis to dilate which then causes the arteries and erectile tissue to fill with blood. This causes an erection. It’s famously known as “the little blue pill.” Some people without ED choose to take it recreationally, but it is said to have little effect on those people.

How do L-Carnitine and ED medication Work Together?

So, what happens when these two penile powerhouses are combined? Researchers in Rome put that question to the test when they assembled diabetes sufferers together for a study. Twenty men were put into groups. One group received two grams propionyl-L-carnitine per day plus 50 milligrams sildenafil (aka “the little blue pill”) twice per week. The other group received sildenafil alone. The study tracked the men over six months. Researchers found that 68% of the men in the first group reported stronger erections as compared to 23% of the men who received just sildenafil alone. Successful intercourse also tipped the scales in favor of the men who received ED medication and L-Carnitine with 76% having successful encounters versus the 34% of the men in the other group.

So, why do they work so well together? There is a known beneficial effect in the cardiovascular system from L-Carnitine, chiefly that in increases vasodilation which leads to enhanced blood flow which is the cornerstone of a strong erection. While ED medication does the same thing, the two combined lead to higher efficacies and successful outcomes.

Other Ways to Boost A Reluctant Member

In addition to ED medication and L-Carnitine, there are other ways to boost a fledgling erection. Maintaining a healthy weight, getting plenty of exercise, and eating a colorful array of fruits and vegetables are sure ways to get the needed vitamins and nutrients the body needs to promote strong blood flow and oxygen-rich blood. Adopting stress relief practices is another way to relax the blood vessels in an effort to improve blood flow to every man’s favorite place.

Another way to deliver essential vitamins and nutrients to the penis is by using a specially formulated penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin) each day. Nutrient creams like this are designed specifically for the penis and contain vitamins A, B, C, D and E as well as L-Carnitine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and L-Arginine. These nutrients promote penis health in every way from protecting against friction damage, encouraging blood vessel dilation, and oxygenating the tissues among many benefits. The best part? They are delivered right to the spot they’re needed!