Most people have heard of aphrodisiacs - foods that have a reputation for upping sex drive. But are people aware of foods that may do the opposite? Most of the foods that negatively affect libido do so by suppressing testosterone levels, which are needed by both men and women in ample supply for a healthy sex drive. The hormone is also necessary for men’s erectile ability. Along with practicing proper penis care and maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle, men should be aware of the following foods that may reduce sex drive, particularly when consumed in large quantities or with great frequency. A better sex life may result from this knowledge.

Testosterone Reducers

1) Soy: Tofu, edamame and other soy products can increase estrogen levels, thereby decreasing testosterone. Consume in moderation.

2) Licorice: This distinctive candy, along with herbal preparations such as tea, can snuff the mood.

3) Mint: Nobody likes bad breath, but eating mint products can lower testosterone levels. Choose toothpaste over mints.

4) Chocolate: Though it is known to boost good feelings, it may negatively impact the all-important sex hormone. A little chocolate can be sensual; a bunch can be counterproductive.

5) Hydrogenated fats: Often found in deep-fried or processed foods, hydrogenated fats are bad both for the waist line and for the libido.

6) Refined carbohydrates: Corn flakes were invented to decrease sexual urges and masturbatory practices. The theory was that bland foods quell sensual desire. In reality, it’s more likely that refined carbohydrates (think white flour) zap testosterone levels. Go for whole grain cereals, crackers, pastas, bread products, etc.

7) Cheese: Cheese made from cow’s milk may be loaded with hormones that interfere with a human’s hormone production.

8) Quinine: This ingredient of tonic water can impact testosterone levels; combined with gin, the impact on libido may be even worse. Go easy on, or lay off, the gin and tonics before a sexy encounter.

Serotonin Skewer

Serotonin is another hormone that is important for a healthy sex drive, as well as overall emotional regulation and well-being. Artificial sweeteners like aspartame are known to skew serotonin levels and may negatively impact sex drive. These sweeteners are commonly found in diet sodas, as well as other beverage and food products labeled "diet" or "sugar-free." Health-conscious men with a sweet tooth may want to wean themselves off candy and soda and opt for fruits instead - dates and figs are particularly sweet options. Over time, the taste buds adjust to more subtle forms of sweetness and men may find they no longer desire candies or sodas.

Testicular Toxin

Strange chemicals called perfluoroalkyl acids that are found in the lining of many microwave popcorn bags, as well as non-stick pans, can harm the testicles. Common forms of the acids are PFOS and PFOA. They have been linked to reduced sperm count, testicular tumors and lower sex drive. When buying cookware, men should opt for cast iron or products that manufacturers specifically state do not contain these chemicals. Buy popcorn kernels and pop them in a pan on the stovetop or a brown paper bag in the microwave.

Just as there are foods that negatively impact libido, there are nutrients that are beneficial to sexual and penile health. Men should make sure they are eating a diet that gives them proper nutrition. Certain vitamins are important for penis health specifically, including vitamins A, E, C and B5. Along with a healthy diet, men can deliver these and other beneficial ingredients directly to the manhood by using a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). Along with promoting the health of cells, proper blood flow and nerve function, a product like this contains natural moisturizers that keep the skin soft, supple and pleasing to the touch.