For most men, the penis is more or less the center of their universe from the time they discover what it can do for them in the early teen years. But for all the time they spend thinking about it, few guys know the basics about how it works and what can go wrong - or, for example, that only 5,000 men in the entire world have a penis that is more than 11 inches long, or that penis vitamins and minerals may help to improve its texture, appearance and sensitivity and make sex feel better. Here are some of the things that most men don’t know about their penis:

A matter of size

That familiar saying, "It’s not the size of the boat, but the motion of the ocean" is meant to reassure guys that they can still perform, even if they are not hung like a donkey. Unfortunately, for guys who are insecure about their size, this is not very convincing. On the other hand, the opinions of women may help. In a large-scale survey, only 1% of women reported that penis length was very important to them, and only 2% indicated that they cared a great deal about girth.

Given the statistics on penis size, this should be good news to most men, since over 75% of all men have a penis that is 6" in length or shorter. The famed 9-incher can only be claimed by 2 men out of 1,000, and fewer than 1 man in 10,000 has a penis of 10" or larger. On the other hand, the average gorilla measures about 1.5" in length, so guys really have nothing to worry about in comparison.

Growers vs. showers

That big dude in the gym locker room might be the object of envy, but guys who feel tiny in comparison can breathe a sigh of relief, because that’s probably all he’s got. While approximately 79% of all men are "growers" - their penis becomes visibly larger when erect, about 21% of guys are "showers" - meaning that although they may already look hung when they are flaccid, the only thing that changes during an erection is that it gets harder.

Yes, it can break

Just the suggestion of a penis fracture might be enough to keep a grown man up at night, and fortunately, it rarely happens; but yes, the penis can break, given the right circumstances and a lot of force. So anyone thinking about trying out a new acrobatic move might want to think twice - and use lubrication.

The amazing foreskin

The vast majority of men in the world are uncut, and for good reason. The foreskin is not just an extra, wrinkly-looking piece of flesh - it is actually an important part of the penile anatomy. The foreskin protects the glans (head) from drying and irritation. It produces its own natural lubricant, and it contains thousands of nerve receptors that contribute a lot to penis sensation. Keeping it clean and well-nourished with penis-specific products can go a long way toward eliminating hygiene-related foreskin problems and help to support an active, healthy penis.

Penis trivia

A few interesting tidbits about the penis:

• Only 1 man in 400 is actually flexible enough to give himself head - although it’s safe to say that the other 399 have made the attempt at least once.
• A male orgasm lasts for approximately 6 seconds. A woman, on the other hand, gets about 23 seconds out of the deal.
• The average speed of ejaculation has been timed at about 28 miles per hour. And the more excited the man, the greater the distance he can get out of it - up to 24 feet!

Care and feeding of the penis

One last thing that most men don’t know about their penis - just like the rest of the body, it needs the right nutrition to stay healthy and active. Vitamins such as A, C and D may help to keep the penile skin smooth, supple and blemish-free, while amino acids support nerve health and sensitivity to stimulation. Antioxidants help to protect against cellular damage from environmental invaders, and moisturizing can prevent dehydration that may lead to dryness and toughening of the skin. A specialized penis health formula (most health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) containing essential vitamins, minerals and naturally-occurring moisturizing agents can help to maintain a healthy penis and promote the greater enjoyment of sex.