The adage that the three most important things in real estate are location, location, and location doesn’t exactly apply to better sex. But there’s no denying that changing locations can indeed spruce things up where the bed game is concerned. (Of course, this assumes that penis health is adequate in the first place.) Mind you, there is absolutely nothing wrong if a couple finds that they are perfectly sexually satisfied in the bedroom (or wherever they habitually engage in sex). But for those who may find themselves in a bit of a rut, changing locations may be one way to achieve better sex.

But what might some of those locations be? The following can be some good starting places.

- The living room. For some, it may be best to start out with a small change. The living room would be comfortable and familiar, and hopefully has a couch large enough to accommodate the preferred goings-on. Of course, some couples may prefer to opt out of using the couch and instead try a little coupling on the floor – especially if there’s a nice rug and a romantic roaring fire nearby.

- The bathroom. Warning: sex in the bathtub can be dangerous, as it’s easy to slip and fall. That said, many better sex advocates find that soaping each other up and getting it on in a warm shower can be enormously rewarding.

- A car. Sure, many people had no other option for sex but a car in their teen years and they may not miss it. But when a couple chooses to explore this option, rather than having it thrust upon them, they may find it increases their sense of urgency and excitement. Plus., they may have gained some skills through the years that make it easier to accommodate the physical demands of sex in a car.

- A tent. There’s something invigorating about being outdoors in the fresh air – and many is the couple that has engaged in sex right there in a meadow or woods. But to be safe and avoid potential embarrassment and/or arrest, a couple can get the benefits of fresh air from inside a tent. Tip: Bring padding or an air mattress, as rocks in the ground may otherwise make sex a bit uncomfortable.

- A boat on the water. Again, this is not without risks – such as capsizing - especially if in a small craft like a rowboat. However, feeling the boat rocking underneath them while they are physically engaged without their own movements can make this one of a couple’s favorite locations.

- A swimming pool. No, not a public pool – but if a couple has access to a private pool, the opportunity to experience sex while surrounded by water can be exhilarating. Some may opt to explore sex on a small raft in the pool (usually more suitable for oral sex than for penetrative methods), but they should at least consider sex while standing up with water at least up to the waist (and perhaps up to the shoulders). Again, good balance is required, so be careful. And one big consideration: hot water and chlorine can erode a condom – and they can be more likely to slip off underwater. So this might best be used by couples who are monogamous and who are using another form of birth control.

Whatever locations a guy uses in pursuit of better sex, he needs to keep his equipment healthy via daily application of a superior penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Because keeping penile blood vessels open and expanded is helpful for better sex, choose a crème with L-arginine, which aids in producing nitric oxide to help with this issue. In addition, the creme should include vitamin B5, which is a vital nutrient required for proper cell metabolism and tissue health.