Here’s a little equation that men often forget: the greater the penis sensitivity, the greater the enjoyment of orgasm. Sure, if delicate penis sensitivity isn’t paired with good control technique, it may lead to being a little "quick on the trigger." But the sensations a man enjoys are appreciably (and appreciatively) heightened. Proper penis sensitivity is a sign of good penis health, as well. But what if a guy finds that he’s lost a bit of his valued penis sensitivity? What can he do to correct this situation? The following tips can come in handy.

1. Go easy. Often, loss of penis sensitivity is due to peripheral nerve damage caused by rough handling of the equipment. This may mean that a guy’s partner may need to pull back a little (or use more lubrication), or it may mean that the man has been pleasuring himself too aggressively (or without lubrication). Lots of men practice the "death grip" when they masturbate - really choking the penis hard. This can rub the manhood raw, causing damage to the sensitive nerves. Readjusting the grip may be necessary to allow penis sensitivity to return.

2. Wear underwear. Similarly, sometimes a man really likes to "go commando" and forego the deployment of underwear. The freedom of this is undeniable, but often it causes some chafing from the penis rubbing against fabric that is rougher than soft cotton briefs or boxers. And that can lead to a loss of sensation. So protect the equipment by layering up properly.

3. Exercise before sex. One of the reasons a guy may experience a decrease in sensation is because he’s not getting sufficient blood flow to the penis. Being fit and exercising in general can help here, but for some men it’s especially valuable prior to sex. Exercise may help blood circulate more fully around the entire body, so that when the sex begins, it is more readily available for the engorged penis. This in turn often makes the penis nerve endings feel more receptive.

4. Try sex on an empty stomach. Some doctors theorize that having sex soon after eating may negatively impact penis sensitivity. The thinking is that recently-consumed food is in the digestive tract, being broken down and used - and that requires blood. Diverting blood to digestion makes less available for penile blood flow, and that might make the organ feel less sensitive.

5. Stop smoking. Seriously, smoking is bad for health all around, so it’s at the top of many health tips lists. But it does appear that smoking also contributes to loss of penis sensitivity. To make a long story short, smoke is a toxin. When the cells in the body come into contact with the toxin, they swell up and white blood cells are called on to go into battle. All this results in thickening of the blood, which negatively impacts blood flow to the penis.

No list of tips on penis sensitivity would be complete without emphasizing the need to maintain penis health. For that, locate a superior penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) and apply it to the manhood daily. It’s best to check out the label and be sure the crème includes acetyl L carnitine. Why? Because this ingredient is neuroprotective. That means it protects against the peripheral nerve damage that can lead to loss of sensation. If the crème contains L-arginine, so much the better, as this amino acid helps create nitric oxide, which in turns helps keep penile blood vessels receptive to increased blood flow. And that helps to increase the likelihood of better penis sensitivity.