Loss of penis feeling can creep up over time. A man may enjoy his own hand or the body of a partner for years before he notices that the techniques that once felt great no longer give him much pleasure. In many instances, the sensation loss may be so pronounced that he is unable to feel anything at all. This realization can be devastating, as sexual gratification is an important part of every man’s life. To make matters worse, it is often a man’s personal habits that lead to this loss of feeling. Fortunately, reduced penile sensation does not always mean the end of his sexual career. Understanding what he is doing wrong, and what he can do to improve his general penis health, can put a man on the road to restoring the sensations he used to enjoy.

Bad habits that damage penile sensation

1) The Dreaded "Death Grip." It would be nice if a man always had enough time during his solo sessions to relax and make it a long, drawn-out, pleasurable experience; however, life can be inconveniently obtrusive, and a guy is often forced to settle for a quick and furtive churn-out in the bathroom. In order to get the job done, he may use a sort of chokehold technique, squeezing and yanking away at his tool in order to relieve himself as quickly as possible. Too many of these sessions, and he may develop what is often known as "death grip syndrome," where the penis becomes unresponsive to anything but the chokehold, and eventually, not even to that.

2) Overzealous Cleaning. Proper hygiene is essential to penis health, but as with anything else, the "too much of a good thing" rule applies. Vigorous scrubbing can damage the surface of the skin, which can lead to keratinization, or the formation of a tough outer layer that is resistant to sensation. Harsh chemicals in soaps and other cleansers can also cause irritation, which over time impairs the responsiveness of the penile skin.

3) Tight Clothing. Clothing that is restrictive and binding can significantly reduce blood flow to the penis and its environs. As a result, the tissue may be deprived of oxygen, which can cause nerve damage and numbing of the area.

4) The Wrong Bicycle Seat. Sitting on a bicycle seat creates a great deal of pressure on the pudendal nerves, which are essential to penile sensation. Regular cycling is well-known to cause loss of penis feeling and can be a major problem for serious athletes and weekend warriors alike.

5) A Sedentary Lifestyle. Just plain sitting can also wreak havoc on the nerves down below, and men who spend hours a day sitting behind a desk (or on a couch) are likely to experience diminished sensation as a result. Add to this one of the main hazards of a sedentary lifestyle - being overweight - and the effects on sensation and overall performance can be significant.

What to do

In many cases, some common-sense measures can help restore penile sensation and revive a man’s pleasure in sex. Here are some things men can try:

- Join the no-fap movement. Men who are especially serious about improving sensitivity in the groin area have formed a variety of awareness-raising groups and online forums promoting the "no-fap" movement, which just means that they abstain from masturbation and recommend that others do so. The idea here is that abstaining from self-pleasure can restore sensation and make partner encounters more pleasurable. The average man may not want to go cold turkey when it comes to self-gratification, but guys can still slow things down - take a couple of weeks off, experiment with different types of touch, and so on - to allow the stressed tissue to heal and to retrain the nerves to appreciate subtler sensations.

- Get moving. To get the blood flowing and the neurons firing, men should get up off the couch and into the great outdoors, or at least to the local gym. Regular exercise is essential to a healthy, responsive penis, and as an additional benefit, men who get moving will improve their cardiovascular health as well.

- Change the seat. To counteract the impact of cycling on the male equipment, manufacturers have come up with several different designs for bike seats that place the pressure on the buttocks instead of the family jewels. Choosing a seat like this can help minimize sensation loss and allow the nerves to regenerate.

- Loosen up the wardrobe. Opting for looser-fitting clothing is recommended for overall men’s health, including sensation, performance and even fertility.

- Nourish and protect. Dry, roughened skin is often dull and unresponsive. Using a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) containing rich moisturizers, as well as nutrients to support skin and nerve health, can give men a big boost in the sensitivity department.