The vast majority of men report that they have reduced penis sensation over time - and not just older men; even guys in their late teens and early twenties often complain that things just don’t feel as good as they used to. Given the prevalence of the problem, it may seem inevitable. Some men may resign themselves to a future without hope of the pleasurable sensations they once enjoyed. What these men should realize is that they could be missing out on some important aspects of penis care that help prevent loss of sensation - and, in some cases, even bring it back.

Why do men lose penile sensation, anyway?

Men who regularly go barefoot or do heavy labor with their hands already know one of the answers to this question. Whether rough pavement, the handle of a hammer or the oar of a canoe, when a hard surface rubs constantly against the skin, the affected area tends to feel sore and raw at first. Then, it develops a tougher layer of skin that cushions the underlying tissue. The same concept applies to the penis. Constant rubbing against clothing, the skin of a hand or various parts of a partner’s body have the same toughening effect, meaning that the penis just can’t feel sensations with the intensity it used to anymore.

There are other issues that can cause deadening of the penile sensory tissue as well - nerve endings damaged by daily wear and tear, the pressure from sitting too long (and/or being overweight) and injuries to the pudendal nerves can all lead to dulled sensation.

How can loss of penile sensation be avoided?

Fortunately, many of the issues leading to penis sensation loss can be avoided through lifestyle changes and specialized penis care techniques. The most important steps to avoiding sensation loss and maintaining overall penis health are described here.

1) Reduce chafing, friction and daily wear and tear. It is, of course, impossible to eliminate all of the friction that a penis encounters. Besides, doing so would take much of the fun out of life. However, with some planning and thought, men can greatly reduce the toll that their daily lives take on the penile skin. First, clothing selection is important, especially when it comes to underwear. Men should choose soft, breathable fabrics like cotton and look for garments that hold the genitals close to the body, but not too tightly. This will prevent swinging and rubbing against the legs or outer clothing.Second, a personal lube should be used for all intimate encounters, both of the solo and partner variety. Third, men should look out for soap-based cleansers and detergents, as these can irritate the delicate skin.

2) Boost blood flow. Too little blood to the penile tissue means not enough oxygen - this can have a serious effect on a man’s sensitivity levels. Therefore, making changes that can increase blood flow to the area is an effective way to avoid sensation loss, and even to bring it back in some cases. This entails getting regular exercise to make sure the heart is pumping blood to the area. It also means taking a pass on the skinny jeans for looser-fitting trousers. Men who have desk jobs should make it a point to get up several times during the day and walk around a bit; and there is no getting around the fact that dropping the extra belly fat is better for penis health in every respect - including improved circulation to the area.

3) Moisturize. The skin of the penis needs an adequate level of hydration to do its job. Skin that is dry and parched tends to lose its natural lubricating qualities, leading to a greater risk of chafing injuries. Dehydrated skin is also less supple and less responsive to tactile sensation - not to mention the fact that it is not so pleasant for another person to touch. To combat dry penile skin, men may choose to apply a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). A product containing high-end moisturizers can restore needed hydration to the area, and one that is enriched with oxygen-boosting nutrients like vitamin C and L-arginine can help to increase the blood supply to the area. When used daily, a penile moisturizing cream may help not only to prevent loss of sensation, but to turn the tables so that men are better able to enjoy the penis feeling they once took for granted.