Feeling sluggish in the sack? There are many everyday culprits behind a low sex drive or inability to perform well in bed. Men with sexual difficulties need to make sure that their troubles aren’t a sign of poor penis health, as physical conditions can affect their performance and may require treatment. But sometimes, problems in the bedroom are caused by everyday habits that men can identify and tweak to put the spark back in their love lives. The following common causes of low sex drive or performance issues in men should be considered.

1) Smoking

Chemicals in cigarette smoke impact sexual health in a couple ways. First, they affect circulation. Since erectile ability hinges on ample blood flow to the penis, poor circulation caused by cigarette smoking can hamper performance.

Second, cigarette smoke can damage nerves throughout the body, leading to desensitization. If the penile nerves aren’t able to sense pleasurable feelings well, it’ll be hard for the member to get excited.

2) Alcohol Consumption

People who experience physical pain sometimes get into the harmful habit of using alcohol to self-medicate. This is hazardous to health for a number of reasons, the best known being liver damage. But it can also affect sexual health. Alcohol works to alleviate pain because it is a depressant; it deadens pain signals. But it deadens pleasure signals as well, which is detrimental to sexual performance.

3) Caffeine Consumption

It may seem odd that caffeine could negatively impact bedroom performance, since it’s a stimulant; this evokes ideas of stamina, endurance and enthusiasm. And while a little caffeine now and then can be a good pick-me-up, regularly consuming high levels of caffeine can negatively affect a man’s pecker for a couple reasons. First, large amounts of caffeine cause the adrenal glands to produce high levels of stress hormones, which are negatively correlated with sex drive. Second, caffeine can restrict blood vessels, leading to erectile problems.

4) Too Little Exercise

A lack of exercise, both strength-building and cardiovascular, can leave a man sluggish in general. Muscle weakness limits his ability to maintain sexual positions, while a weak cardiovascular system inhibits proper circulation.

5) Too Much Exercise

On the flip-side, hitting the gym hard every day can negatively impact testosterone levels. That’s because this hormone has an inverse relationship with cortisol, one of the body’s stress hormones. People who over-train have excessive levels of cortisol in their bodies, corresponding with low levels of testosterone. This can lead to symptoms like weak orgasm, reduced sex drive, poor erections and even full-on erectile dysfunction. Moderate the exercise.

Moderation is key for reducing the impacts of many of the above sex-killers. Reducing alcohol and caffeine intake, exercising cautiously and, preferably, nixing cigarettes altogether are ways to bring a man’s daily habits in line with a healthy sex life. Other steps he can take are managing stress and dealing with relationship problems. High levels of stress, just like high caffeine consumption and exercise levels, corresponds with high cortisol levels and, therefore, lower testosterone output. Problems in a relationship, such as trust issues or unresolved problems, can also hamper a man’s ability to get it up and keep it there with a partner.

Another daily habit men can adopt to promote optimal penile and sexual health is the use of a high-quality penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). This product keeps a man’s skin in good condition, which can alleviate self-consciousness along with helping to fend off infections. Shea butter and vitamin E work as a fantastic tag team by moisturizing in different ways. Vitamin A is also an important ingredient, as it fights bacteria that can cause not only infections but unwanted odors. Adding such a crème to a man’s daily care routine is a great way to supplement his other healthy habits.