Some men may find that their mojo suffers a blow during the colder months, beginning in the fall and reaching full slump-mode in the depths of winter. Many people are affected both physically and mentally by changes in the weather, and some of it may be difficult to avoid. But there are things a man can do, including maintaining proper penis health and attending to situational causes of low sex drive - that can help curb the impact of the seasons on his sex life.


One reason men may find it hard to get it up and maintain interest in the cold seasons is seasonal affective disorder. Some people get melancholic in the winter, and this can dampen sex drive and erectile function in a couple ways. First, when a person is feeling depressed, chemical messengers in the brain may be out of whack. Since erections are created partly by these messengers cooperating with one another and working properly, erectile ability may be impacted. Second, when a man feels down emotionally, he’s not likely to be eager for sex. Depression is no aphrodisiac.

One common theory behind seasonal affective disorder is that people in cold climates get less vitamin D, which comes from sunlight, during the winter. Vitamin D deficiency is linked to depression. Taking a supplement or using light therapy can help some people.

Another reason men may have a harder time getting and staying hard is that it’s cold season. Having a cold or flu puts the body in a stressed and fatigued state, and erections may be difficult to come by. Also worth noting is that certain cold and sinus medications can inhibit erectile function.


Along with addressing seasonal affective disorder and taking it easy while sick, guys can try to boost their sex drive in the fall and winter by finding ways to take advantage of the seasons. Consider the following tips:

- Fireplace: If a man has a fireplace at his disposal, firing it up and having a semi-naked or naked snuggle session under some blankets near the fireplace can be an intensely sensual way to kick off a cold evening.

- Candles: As it gets dark earlier and earlier, a man is bound to use more lights in the house - why not replace the bulb with a romantic candle flame now and then? This can set the mood.

- Bath time: A hot bath is a delight in the winter, and it’s even hotter with a partner. Sex in the tub might be difficult - water depletes natural lubrication - but it can be the perfect foreplay environment, relaxing the body and getting both partners fresh and clean for one another.

- Winter sports: If a man enjoys hiking, skiing or just taking long walks, he should get out there and do it. Try snow-shoeing to make winter walks manageable. Bundle up and go for a hike. Activity outdoors will expose a man to some sunlight, which can help him in the vitamin D department. Also, physical activity causes the release of endorphins, which help a man feel good mentally.

Aside from the big causes of depression and sickness, cold weather can create an additional negative situation for the penis: dry skin. Given the fact that the penis is frequently subjected to friction, from a man’s own hand and possibly from a partner as well, it’s no wonder that the delicate manhood skin could become dry as the air does. Using a quality penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) is a great way to keep the skin moisturized and resilient to friction. Man1 Man Oil contains both Shea butter and vitamin E, two natural hydrators that will equip the skin to confront the cold weather and remain healthy, supple and smooth.