In order to keep his health in tip-top shape, a man must know his whole body. Every little spot, every small ache, every strange change, all must be noticed. This includes anything that might be different about the penis. In fact, regular penis self-examination is a powerful tool in good penis care.

But many men look at their penis and wonder if it is any different. Is it smaller than it used to be? Is it less sensitive? Are the erections not quite as hard? And in fact, are there other differences as well, things that are happening in the rest of the body that don’t make much sense?

A man who wonders all these things might be looking at a problem with low testosterone. Here’s what every man should know about how this very important male hormone affects his overall health, not just his penis.

What low testosterone does to the body

Men are already well aware that testosterone fuels the sex drive. Most are also aware that testosterone levels gradually decrease with time, and that is part of the reason that most men see their sex drive diminish a bit with age. But there are other things that can be a red flag for low testosterone that deserve a look.

1. Muscle begins to shrink. Suddenly it becomes harder to get through those reps at the gym, or all that muscle that was earned through so much effort is now looking smaller each and every day. This is because the body moves into a catabolic state (instead of the typical and expected anabolic state), and as a result, it begins breaking down muscle. It can happen in as little as a week.

2. A man puts on a spare tire. That bulge in the middle, right above the belt, where a man hates to see that ‘beer gut’ forming is right where Low T leaves its mark. Men who have lower levels of testosterone are more likely to develop body fat around the middle, as well as the more troubling visceral fat, which is fat that builds up around the organs.

3.His mood is volatile. Anyone, man or woman, can be significantly affected by a change in hormone levels. For men, the loss of testosterone often means a blue mood of depression, anxiety, irritability and the like. To make matters worse, depression can trigger the body to produce even less testosterone, leading to a vicious cycle.

4. His memory sucks. Parts of the brain that serve memory and cognition have testosterone receptors in them, which means that the less hormone flowing, the less likely those areas are strengthened. The result is a decline in how much a man can remember, as well as other aspects of mental function. The problem gets worse with time.

5. His heart is in danger. Just as testosterone play a vital role in opening up the blood vessels that lead to the penis, it works the same way in other areas of the body, such as the heart. Those who have Low T for a long time might have a greater probability of heart attacks and other heart problems.

Part of the Penis Self-Examination

When a man is looking at his penis to determine how things are down there, it pays to look at the size and note if it might be a bit smaller than usual. It is also a good idea to think about other aspects as well, such as the strength of erections, how the sex drive has been lately and other factors that play into a fulfilling intimate life.

In addition, a man should do all he can to help ensure the penis is as healthy as possible. A good option for this is a top-notch penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin), applied on a regular basis to the penis skin. Look specifically for a crème that is good to the blood vessels - that will include vitamin C for healthy circulation, L-arginine for great blood flow, and vitamin D, which protects cellular function.