When a man is enjoying all the pleasures a new partner has to offer, he must continue to maintain excellent penis health - and in order to do that, he must choose the right condom. Using the proper barrier protection is one of the most important tenets of good penis care. But choosing the right condom isn’t as simple as walking into the store and purchasing the first pack that looks good. Here’s what a man needs to know to wrap it up appropriately.

The condoms options

Choosing the right condom presents a man with a dizzying array of options, from those that glow in the dark to those with weird flavors. Here’s what he needs to know about each option.

1) Size. Each condom manufacturer offers a variety of sizes, and those sizes might be a little different than those from the next manufacturer. In the end, that means there are literally dozens of sizes of condoms to choose from. A guy will have to experiment with different brands, and then the sizes within each brand, until he finds the one that fits perfectly.

2) Reservoir tips. When a guy is wearing a condom, the ejaculate has to go somewhere. If there is no reservoir tip, it might wind up bursting through the condom, and thus ruining the attempt at protection. Though it might be tempting to try out some form-fitting models, for the best in protection, reservoir tips are the only way to go.

3) Colors. If the sizes can make a man’s head spin, just wait for the colors! Every possibility is on the table. Though colors don’t really matter when it comes to adequate protection, a guy who wants to make his equipment look a little bigger should always opt for condoms in lighter colors, or bright ones, like fluorescent yellow or hot pink.

4) Flavors. This might matter to the guy who loves some oral action and wants to make sure his partner enjoys it, too. The flavors available are virtually endless. Keep in mind, however, that novelty condoms must still have the reservoir tip - they should provide protection as well as fun.

5) Eco-friendly options. There are now condoms that are friendly to the environment or made from organic materials. Before going this route, a guy should make sure that the condoms are just as powerful as the latex options in preventing transmission of disease. Assuming they are, hey - why not show Mother Nature a little love while getting it on?

6) Ribbed, studded and more. Usually marketed as "for her pleasure," these fun condoms have ridges, ribs, studs, ripples and much more that provide a little extra sensation. There are even condoms with vibrating rings attached that are meant to give a little extra ‘oomph’ right where she needs it.

7) The strange and unusual. From spray-on condoms from a can (currently still in the testing phases) to penis sleeve and condom combos to those that cover only the tip of the penis but not the shaft, there are many strange options out there. A man should always make sure that the condom he chooses is fully tested and approved as a protective device against infections, as well as one that is sure to stay on during rigorous activity.

8) Spermicide or lubes? Some condoms come pre-packaged with spermicide or lubrication already inside them. The only caveat to this is making sure that a guy (or his partner) is not allergic to those ingredients. After trying out these condoms, make sure nobody involved winds up with a rash or other irritation where the condom touched their skin.

Finally, always make sure the penis is ready to rumble with regular application of a top-quality penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) . A good crème loaded with Shea butter and vitamin E can help fight against the dry skin that might occur after condom use, thus keeping the skin supple, smooth and attractive.