As many men know, masturbation can be incredibly fun, and it is certainly a great way to relieve stress and maintain the best penis health possible. But when it comes to the outcome of the masturbation session, lots of guys feel a little empty. That’s because when it comes to sexual activity with a partner versus masturbation all alone, the two simply cannot compete. Sure, masturbation is great for penis care and helps ensure a healthy penis, but if a man is looking for a more powerful orgasm from his hand, he should look to these tips to understand how he might achieve it.

The mind-body connection

Whether in the midst of sex or a masturbation session, some physical aspects are entirely the same. The penis needs stimulation in order to get into the situation and eventually lead to orgasm. The usual physical reactions - the hardness, the excitement, and the like - are the same whether a man is with someone else or by himself.

But the ‘oomph’ a man might feel from his orgasm is lessened quite a bit when it’s his hand doing all the dirty work, so to speak. But if all the bodily functions are the same, why is the orgasm different?

That’s because of the role the mind plays in sexual activity. The human brain is wired to enjoy close companionship. It’s what makes a sexual encounter so much more exciting than a session of masturbation. The give and take between the partners triggers the brain to release certain hormones, all of which are considered the ‘feel good’ hormones that promote closeness, lower anxiety, lower blood pressure and drop the heart rate. These are also the chemicals that make it so much easier to fall asleep after a session is over, especially if the partner is sharing the bed.

A man has to overcome this loss of emotion and sensation in order to make masturbation work for him. That’s why so many guys are very aggressive strokers and grabbers, manhandling the manhood until it’s raw and aching, but still not achieving the elusive pleasure they seek. Sure, they have an orgasm, but it’s not anywhere near as satisfying as it could be.

How to make masturbation more satisfying

To overcome this problem, a guy needs to do what he can to mimic the sensual experience of being with a partner. First and foremost, that means slowing down, sometimes dramatically. What used to take him five minutes should take him twenty. This allows the brain to click ‘on’ and start the process of releasing those feel-good chemicals. Though they won’t be as strong as they would be with a partner, they will still be present if a guy slows down and takes his time with himself.

Secondly, a guy should keep his strokes tender and soft for a while. This might be tough to do for a man who is accustomed to the ‘grab and go’ style of masturbation, but it will work wonders for someone who needs that more intense release. Simply touching gently, without much of a goal in mind at first, will help a man get more revved up about masturbation than he’s been in years.

And in the meantime, a guy should take care to ensure a healthy penis. He can do so with a good penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Look for a crème that contains top-notch ingredients proven to help with penis function, such as the power of L-arginine, which helps blood vessels dilate, as well as vitamin D, which supports healthy cellular function. A crème with Shea butter and vitamin E can also help keep penis skin smooth and supple after those intense masturbation sessions.