Sexual fantasies are part and parcel of every man’s daily life; sometimes they remain fantasies, but in many cases they can be brought into the real world and may lead to better sex for a man and his partner (or partners). While there’s nothing wrong with keeping sexual fantasies as part of a man’s masturbatory experiences, incorporating some fantasies into a relationship can have benefits. Part of appropriate penis care includes making sure the organ remains involved and interested, and spicing up one’s sex life can do just that.

For the man interested in exploring sexual fantasies with a partner, here are a few tips.

- Prioritize. The first thing for a man to do is get his sexual fantasies in order. Some men have only one or two fantasies; others have dozens, perhaps hundreds. For those with multiple fantasies, it’s important to understand that it may not be possible to realize many of them. That’s why it’s a good idea to take a few moments to sort through them and decide which are the ones that really would have the biggest impact and lead to a better sex life for the man and his partner. Once that has been accomplished, he should pick a handful - the top three or top five, perhaps - and concentrate on these fantasies.

- Examine the fantasies. Once the top fantasies have been selected, the man then needs to look at them objectively. Are these fantasies that are physically possible given a man’s circumstances? For example, fantasies involving elaborate machinery may not be very likely to occur. Or a man who fantasizes about, say, engaging in oral sex while sky diving may have to keep that as just a fantasy. But many fantasies can easily be achieved: Role playing a situation in which a man is a cop and his partner is a burglar, for example, or engaging in sex in the middle of a forest are "do-able" fantasies.

- Consider available partners. Assuming that these fantasies involve at least one other person, the man then needs to think about who might be willing to be involved in exploring these fantasies. If in a monogamous relationship, the answer is fairly clear. If a man has several sexual playmates, the field is more open.

- Think about partner preferences. Once the partner options have been considered, a guy should weigh what he knows about the partners to determine which one(s) would be most amenable to the desired fantasies. For example, an actress might be very good at engaging in some role playing fantasies. A partner with sensitive skin may not be open to sex on a sandy beach. Perhaps something that one partner said earlier indicates a curiosity about exploring a threesome.

- Bring the subject up delicately. Once a man has matched a potential fantasy to a potential partner, he should probably bring the subject up delicately. Thrusting a whip into a woman’s hand and saying "I’ve been a bad, bad boy. Punish me!" might be a tad startling if it comes out of the blue. Ease into it instead: Make a joke slyly referencing a desire to be punished, or gently lead the conversation around to fantasies and ask what fantasies one’s partner might have, etc.

Adding sexual fantasies can definitely make for better sex, so a man needs to make sure his equipment is in proper health for new fun and games. Regular use of a first-class penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) helps maintain general manhood health. The best creams contain a powerful antioxidant (such as alpha lipoic acid) that offsets harmful oxidative processes and avoids premature aging of penis cells. In addition, a cream with l-arginine can help with the process that keeps penile blood vessels open and blood flowing, an important component of male member health.