There is nothing sexy about sneezing. Think about it; during a sneeze, germs, spit, and possibly even mucus are projected out of the mouth and nose at alarmingly fast speeds. Sneezes are out of a person’s control, they can happen unexpectedly and they usually leave the sneezer feeling a brief sense of relief after the action is over. Sound like anything else that happens in the body? This description also pretty much sums up an orgasm. As soon as a man hits that point of no return, there is nothing that can be done to stop an orgasm. Sometimes it does happen unexpectedly (much to one’s chagrin), and there is a definite sense of relief and relaxation once it is over. Interestingly enough, even though these two separate actions happen at completely separate ends of the body, there is a little-known scientific connection between the two. Learn more about the connection between a sneeze and an orgasm, and how to keep the penis healthy to make sure there are more of the latter!

Can sex really cause sneezing?

It sure can, though not everybody has experienced a "sex-induced sneeze," it occurs frequently enough out there in the world that there has actually been scientific research done on the phenomenon. While some people may have a single gentle "achoo" fire off after orgasm, others report an uncontrollable fit of boisterous sneezing that may be somewhat less than adorable to a partner. What’s more, these sexual sneezes are not exclusively caused by orgasm alone; some individuals can trigger sneezes (single or multiple) just by thinking about sex. That’s right, it seems for some people, merely getting aroused is enough to trigger a sneeze! While this makes for an interesting factoid at a cocktail party, a guy certainly may not want to advertise his arousal-induced sneezing too much, unless they want to get strange looks from friends and coworkers whenever cold and flu or hay fever season comes around.

What causes this to happen?

There hasn’t been a huge outpouring of research on this topic - apparently the scientific brains of this world are busy curing cancer, rather than decoding sexual sneezes. However, there are a couple of theories. First, it is possible that there is a gene behind the phenomenon - this may be particularly true for individuals who experience this every time -- or nearly every time -- they orgasm. If this is the case, multiple people in the same family probably exhibit this trait. The sneezing may also be caused by a simple signal in the central nervous system getting "crossed," so to speak. Sneezes and orgasms are both reflexes of sorts, so sometimes the body just accidentally pairs the two of them together - it’s as simple as that. Finally, there is some thought that there is a form of erectile tissue in the nose - of both men and women - and when there is an increase in arousal, the blood flow follows suit and both the penis and nose can become slightly engorged. This minor irritation of the nasal passages thus triggers a sneeze.

Is there anything to do to avoid it?

Well, apart from stopping all sexual thoughts or actions, there isn’t too much a person can do to stop sneezing after sex. Some people have had success by using an antihistamine or nasal spray before sex - but stopping the action to squeeze some saline up the old sniffer seems like a pretty big buzz kill. Given the payout of a having the "big O," most men would consider a sneeze to be a minor price to pay. Rather than feeling embarrassed by it, think of the sneeze as a round of applause for a job well done - at least one’s partner will know there is no faking of orgasms going on!

Managing penis health

Whether a guy is a "sneezer" or not, he still needs his penis to be healthy in order to achieve satisfying and consistent orgasms. Utilizing a penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil), especially one containing L-Arginine, can help improve blood flow to the penis by allowing oxygen-rich blood to find its mark. L-Arginine also helps the blood vessels relax and expand to allow maximum engorgement to the penis and a better erection - and that is nothing to sneeze at!