The sophisticated man sees manscaping as a regular part of excellent penis care. Manscaping is the art of cutting, trimming or shaving the hair around the penis and groin. Many men look at manscaping as a way to make the package look much nicer for a potential partner; however, there are some great health benefits that come from wielding the razor and scissors in that private area.

The many benefits of manscaping

For some men, the hair around the penis is very light and downy, and doesn’t require much attention. For others, the hair is thick and coarse, and needs attention in order to keep things looking nice. But besides that, there are health benefits to removing at least some of that hair.

1. A reduction in penis odor. Lots of hair around the penis and testicles provides plenty of extra places for bacteria to take hold. These bacteria can sometimes cause serious penis odor, which is something no man wants. The hair can also trap sweat, which eventually turns rank, especially after a long day of keeping the penis confined behind underwear and trousers. Trimming or shaving the area can help prevent bacteria from taking hold.

2. An opportunity for close inspection. A man should always explore the skin of his penis on a regular basis to ensure nothing strange is happening down there. This includes looking for redness, seeking out bumps or lesions, and otherwise ensuring the skin is healthy. This inspection should extend to the testicles and groin - but that can be tough if it is covered with thick hair. Manscaping allows for a closer inspection.

3. Lessening allergies. Occasionally a man will suffer from contact dermatitis, which basically means he has some sort of skin allergy to a substance in his environment. Good penis care means avoiding these triggers, and having less hair around the penis can help ensure that is easier to do. The hair can capture tiny particles and hold them close to the skin, leading to even more dryness and itching.

4. More action. A partner might look at a penis hidden in a thatch of hair and be turned off at the idea of enjoying it. But penis care that includes good manscaping means a partner will see a clean, handsome penis with little to no hair around it, which could make it more appealing. That means more action, which is great for penis health.

Safe manscaping tips

A man might be very nervous about bringing anything sharp, like a razor or scissors, into the area near the penis. Fortunately, there are many products on the market that assure ease of manscaping, such as trimmers that have a safety feature to prevent accidentally catching skin in the blades. A novice can turn to these products and become very familiar with their use before moving on to razors for a cleaner job, if desired.

When a man does choose to use a razor, he should remember that preparation is key. Just as he shaves his face with a certain technique, that same is required of the area around the penis. Softening the hair with warm water, ensuring the area is scrupulously clean before starting, and taking his time are a few tips that will help a man perform the best penis care in manscaping adventures.

After the manscaping is done and the penis looks great, there is one more step to be done. A man should apply a top-notch penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) to ensure the good penis care keeps on going. Look for a crème that contains vitamin A, which can go further to combat penis odor, as well as vitamin E, which can soothe potentially irritated skin. Finishing up a manscaping session with a crème that contains Shea butter can go a long way toward keeping the skin supple, touchable and comfortable.