Marathon sex is a great way to break up a couple’s bedroom routine. Sometimes, the busy nature of life and the fatigue it causes end up confining sex to quickies, during which partners tick off their favorite sensual boxes and then wrap it up. Though this may be fun and satisfying for a while, many people dream of a day or night when their escapade leisurely spans several hours. Along with practicing proper penile care, there are several things men can do to facilitate a successful marathon sex session they and their partners are sure to appreciate. Below, men can find steps to prepare for and last during a marathon session, along with aftercare advice.


- Masturbate daily. Frequent masturbation can help a man build stamina in the sack. This is especially true if he implements the technique of edging - bringing himself to the brink of orgasm, backing off, then repeating three or four times before allowing release.

- Exercise. Muscular and cardiovascular strength are important for bedroom endurance. Strong muscles allow a man to hold positions longer, and cardio strength promotes ample blood flow to the penis, which is necessary for getting and maintaining a wicked hard-on.

- Stock up on lube. Even if one’s partner produces plenty of natural lubrication, it’s bound to run low when a couple is going at it for hours. Have a quality product on hand to make sure sex remains appropriately slick.

- Consider desensitizing condoms. For men who have a hard time lasting, condoms with numbing agents can promote lasting longer without completely deadening pleasure.

- Don’t drink heavily. A drink or two can get one nice and relaxed, but more than that may inhibit erections.


- Choose positions wisely. For men with long refractory periods - the amount of time it takes for them to get hard again after ejaculating - it’s important to choose positions that don’t cause a tremendous amount of stimulation. What positions those are may vary from one man to the next. Also, switching positions regularly can both keep things fresh and allow a guy to last longer.

- Incorporate sensual breaks. It’s not realistic for most people to go at it for hours without any kind of break. Breaks may include a quick snack and hydration, but couples can also incorporate sensual elements to keep both parties fired up and ready for more. This is a great time for a man to orally and manually stimulate his partner, perhaps breaking out some of his partner’s favorite toys.

- Experiment with kinks. Couples with kinks such as bondage can prevent monotony during a marathon session by switching from regular sex to kinky sex. Handcuffs, whips, blindfolds, restraints - the possibilities are endless.


- Wash and moisturize. Once both partners have attained satisfaction from their marathon sex session, it’s time to focus on hygiene and recovery. Washing the genitals is a good idea, as is urinating to clear the urethra of any bacteria that may have worked its way in. This is especially important for women to do, since urinary tract infections are more likely to occur if they don’t urinate after sex.

Men may notice that their penises are sore from the prolonged friction of marathon sex - not to mention the chafing of daily masturbation. They can care for their skin by making use of a quality penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) after washing their equipment. A product that contains both Shea butter and vitamin E will moisturize the delicate member skin without causing irritation. Vitamin A is another great ingredient, since it can help fight bacteria that causes unwanted odors. Taking proper care of his penis will allow a man to recover faster and be ready for his next session, whether with hand or partner.