When he’s all alone with no one around but a raging erection, odds are very high that a man may soon find himself engaging in a little masturbation. "Alone time" or "self playtime" can be enormously fun and a prime way to pass the time, while at the same time upping one’s penis health by keeping the penis working and in good shape. (Use it or lose it applies to the penis as well as to other parts of the body.) For many men, a masturbation routine is all that they desire - doing basically the same thing everything they fondle themselves. But other men like to switch things up every so often, and for those looking to change things around, one option to consider is The Stranger.

Not a real stranger

No, the idea behind this is not that a real stranger steps up and masturbates a guy (although there are plenty of men who would be happy to entertain such a situation, especially if they could control the physical appearance of said stranger.) Instead, the idea is to use one’s own hand as if it were a stranger’s masturbating one’s own penis.

Alright, that may seem a little strange and may cause a guy to ask, "Okay, with a vivid enough imagination, I could maybe pull that off, but why bother?" The answer is that it works because a guy takes steps to ensure a feeling of someone else’s hand on the penis, not one’s own.

Falling asleep

Probably everyone has had the experience of a body part falling asleep - a hand or a leg most often, which experiences an intense numbness. This most often happens when too much pressure is placed on the body part. For example, a really tired student who has been working for what seems like hours on an essay puts their head down on their arm for just a minute and falls asleep. When they awaken half an hour later, the hand their head was resting on feels all tingly and numb. The student can thump it with their other hand and though the normal hand experiences the feeling of thumping something, the numb hand doesn’t - making it feel like a stranger’s hand.

And that, of course, is the basic idea behind masturbation by way of The Stranger.

Making it work

For those who might need a little more direction, here are some tips on how to make the Stranger a part of one’s masturbation experience.

- Don’t get numb before arousal. It can be difficult to predict how long numbness will last, but often the time is fairly brief, a few minutes. Because of this, it may be better to go ahead and get the penis fully aroused before working on getting the hand numb.

- Sit and stroke. The easiest way to attain numbness is to sit on the hand for maybe five to ten minutes. But it pays to go ahead and stroke the penis while waiting for the numbness to sink in. Assuming that most men will choose their dominant hand for numbing, that means a guy will be masturbating for a while with his "other" hand, which can also be a nice change of pace.

- Bring out the Stranger. As soon as the numbness is in place, switch over to the numbed hand and see how it feels like a stranger, someone in a different body, is actually stroking the penis. Revel in this, whether finding it awesome, freaky or somewhere in between.

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