Men have to make so many decisions every day, from the miniscule (boxers or briefs?) to the mammoth (which house to put a bid on?). Given the impact that some choices may have on their lives - and the lives of their loved ones - many guys which they had a fool-proof method for making the right decisions. Surprisingly, such a method may indeed be close at hand - masturbation. Yes, many people believe that engaging in masturbation is not only part of better penis health, but may also set the stage for a man to make better decisions, large and small.

The science

There is a scientific basis behind the purported benefits of indulging in a little masturbation before making a decision. For many people, the need to make a decision can create a stressful situation. This is especially true of "big" decisions, e.g., "Can I afford a new car?" or "Should I take that trip that I really need but can’t afford right now?" But for some people, making even small decisions, like what to cook for dinner, can cause a surprising amount of stress.

The Association for Psychological Science has noted that feeling stress changes how a person assesses risk and reward in a decision making situation. Specifically, people who feel very stressed when making a decision tend to place more emphasis on positive aspects than on negative. This leaning toward the positive sometimes works out, but it just as frequently doesn’t. For example, a guy may take a job because it pays well and ignore the fact that he doesn’t like the work he’ll be doing - and that can sometimes make him dread going to work.

Masturbation benefits

How might masturbation help in decision making? As has been well documented, masturbation tends to be a great way to relieve stress and tension in most men. When a man orgasms, the process tells the body that it’s time to release two specific hormones: oxytocin and prostaglandin. These hormones work together in a man like an antidepressant, lightening his mood so that he feels calmer and more at peace. With the man in a more relaxed frame of mind, he is then capable of looking more objectively at the pros and cons of a situation. This should put him in a better position to make a more carefully thought out decision.

Partner selecting decisions

Although masturbating before making any decision can potentially have benefits, some men believe that it is especially beneficial when making a decision about a potential sexual partner. Such men would recommend masturbating before going to bed with a woman.

The reasoning behind this suggestion goes like this: Many men have had morning after regrets where they wonder why they ever took a particular person to bed. If a man masturbates when he is having a strong urge to bed someone, he then has fulfilled his sexual needs. He can then evaluate the potential partner and see if they still hold a strong appeal to him, or if he was merely letting his erection do all his thinking for him.

Although masturbation can help with many decisions, a guy doesn’t need to have a quick stroke session to realize that his penis health is important. It’s also a no-brainer to daily apply a top drawer penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) to the organ in question. When a man regularly uses a crème with L-arginine, he’s doing his penis a great favor. This amino acid is a vital component of the dilation process of penile blood vessels, which in turns allows oxygen-rich blood to flow into the penis, especially during the erection process. For the man who masturbates frequently or roughly, making sure the crème contains both shea butter and vitamin E, two invaluable hydrators, is crucial. Moisturizing the penis skin helps alleviate soreness from aggressive handling, whether by a partner of the man himself.