An erect penis is often an invitation for a guy to break out the lube and have a joyous evening of pleasurable masturbation. For most men, that means engaging in solitary sexual play - but not always. Some men may decide to drop in at a masturbation club and transform the self-gratification experience into a social gratification experience. Maintaining appropriate penis health can make the experience even more enjoyable - and make a first-time participant less self-conscious, perhaps.

Kinds of Clubs

Generally, there are two kinds of masturbation clubs: same sex and mixed sex. Same sex clubs for men are often called jack-off clubs; mixed sex clubs are often called jack-and-jill clubs. Same sex clubs are more common.

Interestingly, same sex clubs do not cater to an exclusively gay clientele. Most such organizations report that a significant portion of their population is bisexual or straight; in some, the majority of men are heterosexual. This is not surprising - many straight men are interested in seeing what their "competition" is like while not necessarily feeling sexual attraction toward them. And some men just like to be watched by similar company while masturbating.


The do's and don'ts are going to vary from club to club, but the following are general rules that usually apply to most masturbation clubs.

- No oral, anal or vaginal sex. Masturbation clubs tend to differentiate themselves from other forms of sex clubs by centering solely on masturbation. Those who wish to publicly engage in other forms of sex should look to clubs that are geared toward their interests.

- Respect others. In many clubs, masturbating another participant is allowed - but only if he or she wishes. Under no circumstances should a participant be touched or be forced to touch another participant against his/her will. This includes kissing, massaging, playing with nipples, etc. as well as touching or rubbing penises.

- Clean up. Participants should practice good hygiene; cleaning up semen spilled on the floor, walls, etc. after an ejaculation is the responsibility of the ejaculator. (Most clubs provide tissues or other means of wiping away semen.)

- Clothed observation is discouraged. In most clubs, there is a "no clothing" policy (aside from footwear for hygiene purposes). Not everyone who goes to a masturbation club may feel like masturbating; they may wish to merely observe. In most clubs this is acceptable, as long as the observer is appropriately unclad.

- Be polite. Not every person is appealing to every other person. At a masturbation club, a man may be approached by another participant who wishes to masturbate with him; if he is not comfortable with this, a polite "No thank you" should be all that is required. By the same token, if a man is politely turned down in this way himself, he should respect that person's desire to masturbate in his own way.

- Be discreet. It's entirely possible that a man may run into a friend, acquaintance or co-worker - or even his boss - at a masturbation club. Most men prefer to keep their participation in such clubs private; respect this wish.

- No drugs. Recreational drug use is frowned upon at most clubs.

- Ask about lube. If possible, find out in advance what the club's policy is regarding lubricants: is this a "BYOL" establishment, or do they prefer that participants use lubricants provided on site? If BYOL, make sure to bring a good supply.

- Participate at one's own level . Some men want nothing more from a masturbation club than to enjoy themselves in front of other men. Others like to participate more - by urging other participants on, complimenting another guy's member or engaging in conversation while stroking. It may take a while for a man to determine what feels comfortable for him.

It's possible to spend hours at a masturbation club - and come out without an erect penis but with a very sore one. Using a first-rate penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) with excellent moisturizers (think Shea butter and vitamin E) can help here. Men who enjoy masturbating may also want to make sure the cream includes L-arginine, as this ingredient helps create nitric oxide which in turns aids in keeping penis blood vessels open.