One of the problems with masturbation for many men is the fear of getting caught, especially by their partner. Even though regular masturbation is part of a healthy sex life and an important part of penis care, there’s still a stigma attached to being caught. But what if one were to purposefully engage in an exhibition of one’s self-pleasuring practices?

Women really are interested…

According to many surveys, there’s actually considerable interest among women in watching an exhibition of a man’s masturbation routine - especially if the man in question is their sexual partner.

Certainly, times have changed. A few decades ago, a woman walking in on her husband or boyfriend fondling his erection would have been utterly shocked (although she might also secretly have been a bit turned on). But today, people are much more open and honest about the fact that people masturbate - men especially, so it’s more accepted.

But being more acceptable doesn’t mean it is any less titillating. Although a woman may have engulfed a man’s penis orally, taken it inside, and caressed it and stroked it countless times, there still is a sense of mystery attached to masturbation. (And not just for women seeking to see a man masturbate; videos of women masturbating are among the most watched online by men.)

How to bring it up….

How does a guy know if his partner wants to see him masturbate? She may have dropped hints - perhaps slyly joking about him masturbating at some point. But it’s more likely that she has kept such thoughts to herself. In which case, it’s up to the man to raise the subject.

In some relationships, a man could simply say, "Would you like to watch me masturbate? I think it’d be hot and it would mean a lot to me." In other relationships, it may be necessary to introduce it slowly - saying as she is slipping off her clothes for sex, "I’m so hot for you I can barely keep my hands off myself" or as one leaves for work in the morning, "You look so sexy I’m going to have a hard time keeping my hands off myself thinking of you today." This can then lead to a discussion of wanting to put on an exhibition for her.

Set it up…

One it’s established that there is interest, decide what to do. Is she anxious to see her man masturbate right away? If so, dropping the trousers and going to it is fine - if the guy is ready for it. He may suddenly feel performance anxiety and prefer to ease into it.

If her curiosity is piqued but she’s not ready to experience it at that minute, decide the best way. Some scenarios include:

- Setting up a time when she can "catch" the man at it.

- Establishing a time when she can follow the man through the entire process - getting aroused, taking off clothes, stroking to hardness, etc. all the way through cleaning up with tissue.

- Having the man film a session and then letting her experience it through video - perhaps with the man watching himself won the video with her.

The key is to establish what fits the comfort level for both parties and then following through.

Engaging in masturbation exhibition can be thrilling for both parties (and may lead to the female partner sharing her own masturbation processes as well.) Since any man wants his penis to look its absolute best when on display, he needs to be sure to use a superior penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). Many penises sport an unattractive "wrinkled" look, which can be fought by using a crème with alpha lipoic acid, to fight the oxidative stress that can contribute to wrinkling. The crème should also contain both L-arginine and vitamin C, ingredients each of which contributes to proper penile blood flow - a key component of erectile function. Displaying one’s masturbation prowess will be more fun if the penis is in tip top health.