The old saying that variety is the spice of life has a lot of truth in it - even when it comes to masturbation. For most men, solo play is a regular part of their lives. Sure, it’s undeniably fun and stands up to repetition far better than most activities. And masturbation can have health benefits, making it one of the most delightful ways to maintain one’s penis health. Still, every so often a guy gets a little tired of fondling himself in the same way and gets in the mood for some different strokes.

But what can he do to enliven his masturbation routine?

Actually, plenty.

Re-position it.

The first and easiest way to mix things up masturbatorially is simply to switch positions. Although there aren’t randomized clinical trials to back this assertion up, anecdotal evidence suggests that most guys have a preferred way of doing themselves. Whether it’s dropping trousers while sitting in front of the computer, lying across the bed or standing in front of a mirror, a dude tends to come back to the same position again and again.

Changing positions gives one’s "me time" a bit of variety - and it forces a guy to slightly re-adjust his grip, his stroke, etc.

By the way, the position mentioned above aren’t the only ones a man can try. There’s also squatting, kneeling, lying face down on the bed, lying on one’s back and flipping the feet beneath oneself (for the very nimble)...imagination and nimbleness are the only barriers to finding new positions.

Change of scene.

Guys also have favorite locations. The bedroom. The living room. The men’s room at work. Taking one’s business into a different setting can be very impactful. It may pay to think outside the box - not just the kitchen or the garage, but maybe the back yard (if a fence assures privacy) or the car (not safe to do while actually driving).

Lots of guys like to masturbate outdoors, and that can definitely add something special to one’s routine; however, it’s important not to do this in a public place, or one risks arrest. One good solution: go camping and have fun pitching the tent inside one’s own tent.

Adjust the timing.

If a man is someone who tends to make his masturbation sessions quick, allowing extra time for one can help to alleviate any boredom. If ten minutes is the norm, set aside a full hour and really luxuriate in the process. If a guy already enjoys lengthy solo sessions, he can try a couple of quickies instead.

Changing the time when one masturbates can also be beneficial. Instead of indulging at bedtime, do it in the morning before work, for example. And a little fun time during the lunch break can make heading back to work much more attractive - and can help release some of the work-related stress that many men experience.

Add some toys to playtime.

More and more men are enjoying sex toys, both with partners and alone. A penis ring, a pocket vagina, an anal plug or a vibrator are all options that the somewhat restless man might want to explore to put a little zing back into his solosexuality.

Switch fantasies.

Sometimes the sex stories that guys use when masturbating can get a bit "been there, done that" (even when he may never have done exactly what he fantasizes about). Switching it up - whether it’s a guy’s own self-created fantasies or the kind of porn that he employs - can be a game changer.

Variety helps spice up one’s masturbation, but it also pays to make sure the member in question is in proper health for the activity. Regular application of a first-class penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can do the trick here. When the crème contains Shea butter and vitamin E, two excellent natural hydrators, it soothes dry skin that may have occurred during rough self-handling. Also, remember that long-term rough handling can lead to a loss of sensation (and consequent pleasure) to the penis. A crème with neuroprotective acetyl L-carnitine is just the ticket to help with that distressing issue.