It feels great and costs nothing, what could be better about masturbation? Well, a new survey says that frequent masturbation could be a significant factor in a happy life. What does a happy life look like? Job success, a healthy body image, and a healthier body are just a few of the benefits being realized by a little extra "me time." Read on to learn about the study, how masturbation can translate to a #bestlife moment, and all the benefits of a little alone time.

The United States of Masturbation Survey

In a survey conducted by Japanese adult toy manufacturer Tenga, the old adage that frequent masturbation was something reserved for the lazy and unsuccessful is being challenged, and hard. The survey asked 1200 American men about their masturbation habits.

The study found that men who masturbated 4 or more times per week were more likely to be employed, have a gym membership, and have more body confidence than their less-handsy counterparts. Why? Some therapists believe it is because people who are sexually confident masturbate more. They see nothing wrong with it as an expression of sexuality and a way to be a better lover. These frequent fist-fornicators tend to take better care of their health as a result of their sex-positivity. In short, confidence and positively translate to all areas of their lives.

Survey Details

So how did Tenga draw these best life conclusions from a survey about masturbation? Let’s take a look at the data specifics. Of those surveyed, 42 percent said they masturbated at least once per week, and 20 percent reported that they did it no less than 4 times each week.

The members of the group that masturbated more often were 13 percent more likely to hold a gym membership and 8 percent more likely to be employed in some capacity as opposed to their counterparts who either masturbated less or abstained altogether. Researchers correlate these wholistic life successes to a man’s notion of self-care, part of which is sexual self-care. Having a routine that includes masturbation makes sense. Men are instructed to create habits concerning diet, exercise, sleep, and stress management, so not sex?

Benefits of Masturbation

There’s tons of evidence out there that proves that masturbation is great for a man! In fact, frequent masturbation has been linked to these positive effects:

- Stronger immune system

- Boost in mood

- Better sleep

- Relief of stress

- Lower risk of prostate cancer

- Lower risk of hypertension

- More satisfying partnered sex

- Relief of muscle tension

- Improvement in body image and self-esteem

- Toning of the pelvic and anal areas

- Help with treating sexual problems

- Boost in relationship satisfaction

The only time masturbation is a detriment is when it is an addiction. Like any addiction, if it interferes with day-to-day responsibilities such as work or taking care of yourself or others, it’s probably an issue that needs to be addressed. Seek out a doctor or therapist to talk about what’s going on and to make a treatment plan.

Final Thought

Masturbation is a beautiful thing that can really benefit a man’s life in several ways. However, therapists suggest that a man not keep his self-pleasure a secret. Discuss masturbation with a significant other. Data show that this openness encourages more in-depth sexual dialogue, greater sexual satisfaction, and feelings of closeness and intimacy between partners. In short, it’s nothing to be ashamed of!

One last thought to consider is that frequent masturbation may leave a man’s willy a little wilted if he doesn’t give it a little TLC. That’s precisely why it’s a good idea to moisturize the member daily with a specially formulated penis health oil (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin) to keep the skin hydrated and soft. Look for ingredients like vitamin C, which promotes skin elasticity and collagen production so that all that pulling doesn’t take a toll on the penis. For bonus points, find an oil that also includes L-carnitine for its help in protecting against peripheral nerve damage that can rob the penis of sensitivity in the future. With an oil like this, frequent masturbation will be a natural healthy habit to incorporate!