Few men are bored with masturbation, and that’s a good thing - frequent use of the tool is beneficial to penis health. Regular erections supply the penis with plenty of fresh blood flow, which delivers nutrients and oxygen to the smooth muscles within the organ. But contentment with one’s solo routine is no reason to avoid new experiences. Just as learning new positions can spice up an already fantastic sex life, trying out inventive self-stimulation techniques can open men up to a new world of private time fun. There’s no need for a man to abandon his favorite long-established styles and methods; he might just consider supplementing them from time to time with some of the following masturbation techniques. Or, he may fall in love with a new method and change his routine altogether.

Base Focus

Between the base of the erect shaft and the scrotum sits a structure called the epididymis, a bundle of tubes through which semen flows from the balls to the penis. Some men can get off simply by massaging the base of the penis, stimulating the epididymis. This technique offers a different, but still highly pleasurable, sensation.

The Handgina

Typically, men masturbate by stroking the hand along the penis. Why not try the opposite? A man can simulate the sensation of having sex with a partner by lubing up the preferred hand, wrapping it around the member and thrusting his pelvis to move his penis in and out of the hand-hole.

Use a Toy

Toys like the Fleshlight mimic the look and feel of a vagina. Men can use them during solo play, but these toys can also supplement partner time as well. Many men fantasize about having intercourse and oral sex at the same time; this toy allows the man or his partner to simulate vaginal sex with the toy while his partner pays some mouth attention to the testicles and base of the shaft.


Ready to incorporate some self-discipline into the mix? Edging is a demanding practice, but it offers a big pay-off in the form of a very intense orgasm. It involves bringing oneself up to the point of ejaculation, then stopping short. Once the erection has begun to soften, a man starts again and repeats this process three or four times, finally allowing himself to erupt. The build-up makes for one special finish.

Palm Play

Sometimes a man doesn’t need the whole hand, just the palm. Lube it up and rub the tip of the erect penis against it until climax is reached.

Ring Fingers

Apply lube to both hands. Form a ring around the base of the penis with the thumb and forefinger of one hand, then stroke up to the base of the head. Form a ring around the base with the other hand’s thumb and forefinger, following behind the other hand. A man can alternate hands as he masturbates, varying the rhythm as desired until the big finish.

Play Ball(s)

Some men derive great pleasure from massaging their testicles or pulling them down rhythmically, especially when they are approaching climax. A man may even feel the semen traveling up to the penis, and this can be rather exciting in itself.

For many men, part of their stimulation comes from watching their rods grow and pump. Keeping the skin healthy and the cells well-maintained is important for a pleasurable viewing experience as well as preserving penile sensitivity. Daily application of a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can be helpful on these fronts. The best creams will contain moisturizers like Shea butter and vitamin E for smooth, supple skin, and L-arginine, which may help protect nerves and, therefore, penile sensitivity.