Most of the time, masturbation for a guy involves nothing fancier than his own fist, but on some occasions a man wants to penetrate something a little more interesting or off the beaten path. Fortunately, when it comes to sex, men have an almost limitless imagination and so the realm of possibilities for penetration becomes huge. Of course, not every supposedly penetrable object should be used in masturbation. No matter how turned on, men need to make sure that no chosen object is going to have a negative effect on one’s penis health. Some degree of self-control may be necessary.

There are several old stand-bys that come to mind when a man wishes to expand his masturbation horizons, such as a plastic vagina, a blow up doll or simply rubbing the penis between a pillow and a mattress. However, when a guy lets his imagination roam free, numerous options present themselves:

- A slice of pizza. Not one fresh and hot out of the oven, of course, as the burns could be serious. However, a slice of pizza at room temperature can be rolled into an appropriate opening and used to provide a new masturbatory experience. Be sure to clean the manhood very well after use - and be aware that sensitive penis skin may not like this option very much.

- A peanut butter jar. After scooping out an appropriate amount, a guy may find that the slippery, greasy feel of peanut butter against the penis is surprisingly sensual. Be forewarned, however, that this can be one seriously messy method of masturbating.

- Pool toys. Several items that are often enjoyed in the swimming pool can also be employed for self-based penile play. Rubber floats or rafts that are inflated to somewhat less than full can be molded into enjoyable positions. Those long pool tubes often have a hole in the middle that can be put to good use - although the roughness of the material can be very hard on the manhood.

- Deli slices. Cold cuts, whether turkey, bologna or ham, can make for an off-beat experience. Simply wrap the product around an erect penis and move it up and down as one desires. Some men also enjoy putting the penis between two slices of bread and thrusting to orgasm. A piece of advice: Do not add spicy mustard to the mix.

- A plastic sandwich bag. Not just any sandwich bag, of course. It needs a little something extra to give it some "oomph." Pouring hand lotion or cold cream in it can be a good choice. So can cottage cheese, whipped cream or shortening. Be warned again: This requires considerable clean-up.

- Bread dough. Who can blame a guy for getting ideas when he’s beating down some bread dough? With a bit of lubrication, it creates a texture that can feel quite satisfying to a hard member.

- A watermelon. Something of a classic, cutting a hole in a watermelon and self-pleasuring is a summer rite of passage for many boys - and more than a few men.

Keeping masturbation lively and enjoyable is a laudable goal, but do make sure that new items to penetrate don’t compromise the health of the organ. For example, soreness often results from experimentation, so regularly using a first-class penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) is advisable. A crème that contains a combination of a high-end emollient like Shea butter and a natural hydrator like vitamin E can help to bring soothing relief to a sore penis. Sometimes rough handling can cause a "deadening" of the manhood’s nerves, making sex less enjoyable. A crème that contains neuroprotective acetyl L-carnitine can help ward off peripheral nerve damage that leads to lessening of penis sensitivity. A proper crème is an essential part of an effective penis health regimen.