Most men have a fairly well-established masturbation routine, complete with tried-and-true rhythms, grip strength and, often, visual aids. The fact that the same old thing, over and over, can be so pleasurable is enough to prevent many men from experimenting with different methods. And that’s fine - so long as a man is contributing to his sexual health by enjoying his solo time with some frequency. But it never hurts to try something a little different.

There are lots of ways to change up masturbation. Some come to mind easily - using a sex toy, watching some adult content one wouldn’t normally choose or stimulating a different area of the penis than one usually does. These are all worth considering. But a subtler masturbation tip involves what a man does before he even gets to his member. Men can make for a different experience by engaging in foreplay with themselves.


First off, get the imagination going. Rather than relying on videos, try imagining a hot scenario as vividly as possible. A man might wish to pretend a partner is there with him, and pretend that his hands are the partner’s hands and lips. Try spending a good minute or so envisioning the steamy scenario before touching oneself in any way.

Gentle Caresses

Few things ramp up sexual suspense like the gentlest of touches - almost a tickle. A man knows his sensual zones. Focus on those beyond the penis for starters - the ears, the neck, the nipples, perhaps. Ever-so-gently run the fingers over various parts of the body, heightening one’s responsiveness to touch.

Be a Tease

A man can tease himself by lingering close to, but avoiding (for a time) his most sensitive areas. If he has sensitive nipples, for example, he may circle the areola several times before rubbing, flicking or pinching the nipple.

And this certainly applies to the groin. Instead of grabbing the penis and cranking away, which he will likely be tempted to do, a man can run his fingers over his thighs, moving inward and just barely avoiding the testicles and penis. Try starting at the insides of the knees and bringing the fingers as close to the testicles as possible, then going back down. If a man has pubic hair, he may enjoy running his fingers through it just above the base of the penis.

Proceed without Expertise

Now, a man will likely be chomping at the bit for the main event after such an opening act. He can proceed with his normal masturbation methods, of course, or he can continue his experimentation. If his imaginary scenario involves being with someone else, he can pretend his partner is providing a hand job or oral sex and use his hand to mimic the moves this other person might be making. Since no other person knows a man’s particular penile preferences like he does, it’s likely that the partner would be doing something different than the man himself would. This is a perfect opportunity to try different rhythms, grips and areas of focus. A man may discover his base is more sensitive than he thought or that he loves having his testicles touched in a certain way, for example.

Keeping masturbation fun and fresh can help a man learn more about his sexual self. It’s likewise important to care for the penile skin to prevent chafing, dryness and loss of sensitivity due to the frictions of masturbation. Using lubricant can help here, as can applying a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) daily. Packed with natural moisturizers, Man1 Man Oil can rejuvenate and protect the skin from friction. It also contains the neuroprotective ingredient acetyl L-carnitine, which may help preserve sensitivity. Maintaining good skin condition is imperative for penile health, and men would do well to invest in quality lubes and skin care products.