While partner sex is always a pleasure, there are times when a guy wants to experience some simple masturbation - and that desire for alone time can be complicated when he shares his living space with a roommate. This is most often an issue in situations like college, when a guy may be likely to have to share his bedroom with one or more other dudes. Privacy and the ability to engage in enjoyable penis care are important, so what is a guy to do when he has the urge for some intimate "me" time?

Talk it out.

In the best situation, roommates can be open about the fact that they masturbate and can come to an arrangement in advance in terms of how to deal with it. After all, it’s the rare roomie situation in which one of the participants does NOT feel the urge to self-satisfy, at least occasionally - and thus an arrangement would generally be beneficial for both.

Bringing the subject of masturbation up can be difficult for some guys (and not difficult at all for others), and it may not be the first thing a dude wants to talk about upon introducing himself. But after college buds get to know each other, it’s worth the risk of embarrassment. Once the subject is broached, plans can be established for handling the situation.

Use the bathroom.

Another option is to take the urge elsewhere - say, to the men’s room. In a dorm situation, where a guy may be able to shroud himself in a stall, that might not be a problem. If, however, he shares a one-toilet bathroom with other guys, it means he won’t be able to luxuriate and spend a half hour or so in the throes of pleasure.

Even in a multiple stall situation, there can still be obstacles - including the need to keep things quiet. Unless, of course, a guy doesn’t care if others know he’s masturbating, and some guys don’t.

Another popular option is to bring oneself off in the showers. Again, in situations where shower space is at a premium, this may not be the best option.

Keep it undercovers.

This is also a popular option - waiting until the lights are out and, hopefully, the roomie is asleep. When this happens, a guy can release his erect penis and begin stroking in bed, usually with the covers on. The drawback to this is that a guy has to be especially quiet - and that rubbing one’s erection under the covers tends to create a fair amount of noise.

Take advantage of absences.

It’s a benefit when one’s roommate has a schedule one can set his clock by - or at least is good about making known when he plans to be away from the room. Arranging a masturbation session during a pal’s Tuesday chemistry lab or when he says he’s going to the grocery store is a pretty good way of ensuring sufficient privacy.

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