Don’t think masturbation can get any better? Try turning it from a solo activity into a partner sport. Masturbating with a partner can be a very stimulating and intimate activity that brings a couple closer while adding excitement to one’s sex life. And, since a vibrant sex life is a key component of penis health, men should always keep an eye open for ways to improve their sex lives.

Masturbation can refer to many things. People usually mean using one’s own hand to satisfy oneself; however, people also talk about masturbating another, referring to the use of one’s hand to stimulate someone else. Here, the term will mean both.

A couple is encouraged to get creative and experiment with ways of manually, mutually satisfying themselves and one another. The following are just a few ideas to get partners going.

Partners may wish to discuss who is going to "go" first, or if they’d like to masturbate together. Some couples may prefer a mix of the two. Whatever works for both partners is the way to go.

Helping Her Out

If a woman is masturbating and a man is waiting to pleasure himself, his assistance may be desired. He can, with her invitation, fondle her breasts, kiss her neck and run his fingers up and down her thighs and in between her legs.

Helping Him Out

If a man is giving himself a hand job, the woman might want to try fondling his testicles, licking them and putting them in her mouth. If she wants to really blow his mind, she can place her lips so that the head of his penis rubs against them as the man strokes.

Rubbing Post

Masturbation doesn’t always involve use of a hand. A woman may stimulate herself, along with her partner, by rubbing her clitoris against his penis.

The In-Between

Just as a woman may stimulate herself using a part of a man’s body besides the hand, a man may find it enjoyable to stick his penis between parts of a woman’s body for gratification. A popular area for this is a woman’s chest.

Mutual Manual

Partners who like to masturbate together may enjoy the sounds and the sight of each other going at it; they may also enjoy seeing that they are being watched and that the partner-observer is turned on by them. Couples may wish to play with different positions here. Some may prefer lying next to one another, especially if they are shy about being watched or seen. Others may want the intensity of a face-to-face encounter. Try having one partner stand and the other sit to add some power play into it.

Mutual Manual 2

Of course, partners may prefer to masturbate one another rather than themselves at the same time. Find a position that doesn’t put either partner’s wrist at a bad angle. A man may wish to kneel next to his lady as she lies on her back, putting his member within easy reach while providing open access to her.

When a partner takes control of the stroking, it’s possibly for her to go a bit harder and rougher than a man is accustomed to. He may enjoy this sensation in the moment too much to ask her to soften up, but may find later that his member is left sore, dry and chafed. Using lubricant is useful here; so is applying a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) daily. With Shea butter and vitamin E, this moisturizer does wonders for manhood skin. Keep the penis ready to go next time with the help of a quality crème like Man1 Man Oil.