It’s the end of another hard day, and a guy is ready for bed. But upon disrobing and giving his manly equipment a quick check, what does he see? Dry, flaky penis skin. Or perhaps some little dots or bumps spoiling his otherwise beautiful penis skin. The fact is, even guys who pay extra attention to their penis health can find themselves with a penis skin issue now and then. So what to do? Sometimes treating oneself to a spa treatment for their penis can be just the thing for a guy to make his manhood look as handsome as it deserves to look. (Remember, many women engage in spa treatments themselves, so they will appreciate a guy giving some spa attention to his little soldier.)

Although there are some spas which cater especially to men and which therefore may include special services for the penis, this is not something one finds on every corner. Therefore, many men may need to give themselves some "at home" spa treatments. The following can help a guy know where to start.

- Get soaked. These tips are focusing on penis skin, but that doesn’t mean that the whole body can’t join in as well. One of the key components of most spa treatments is to soak the entire body in warm or hot water - the temperature often aligned with the beliefs and principles of the chosen spa. For most guys, a really warm but not hot bath is recommended. Water that is too hot - in addition to being uncomfortable - actually dries out the skin, which is exactly what one does NOT want in most cases.

Guys who worry about how "masculine" soaking in a tub might be can consider going with a beer soak instead. Pour in one bottle of beer, a few drops of hops oil, a little barley and malt, and some chamomile and fill the tub with nice, warm water. The beer and beer-like ingredients can actually provide a nice, soothing soak which enriches and hydrates skin. A soak of at least 10-15 minutes is recommended, but feel free to stay in longer if it feels good.

- Exfoliate - gently. Many spa treatments are very much centered on exfoliating - that is, removing dead skin cells so that fresh, new skin cells can predominate. This is good for delicate penis skin, as well - but only if the exfoliation is done right. For example, harsh chemical peels, which might be just right for the face or for skin on other parts of the body, will likely damage penis skin. Even a rough pumice stone, another popular exfoliator, may be too much. Most guys are better off just taking a washcloth and soap and gently rubbing the penis over and over to remove dead skin cells. Yes, it’s likely a guy may give himself an erection doing this - but is that really a big deal? (Note for intact men: Take special care to clean well beneath the foreskin.)

- Moisturize. After rinsing thoroughly, a guy should pay dry the penis skin and then apply a moisturizer. It’s best to do this immediately after bathing or soaking, as this enables the moisturizer to "lock in" the moisture from the bathing.

- Air out. If possible, let the penis "air out" for a while. This is especially helpful if a man tends to suffer from persistent penis odor.

Penis skin will welcome a spa treatment, especially if that treatment includes application of a top notch penis health oil (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). The best oils contain a combination of a high end emollient (such as shea butter) and a natural hydrator (such as vitamin E), which together can create an enviable moisture lock. The selected oil should also include vitamin A, which has anti-bacterial properties that help fight unwanted penis odor.