It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that masturbation is typically a solo activity. Sure, there are exceptions, but most men’s (and women’s) masturbation time is spent alone. But there’s no rule against sharing masturbatory activities with a partner, especially if that partner is willing to join in and masturbate themselves as well. When a guy practices proper penis care, his penis is in very presentable shape and can join in a mutual masturbation session with no worry about how he looks. But changing the solo activity into a duet can take some preparation.

This assumes, of course, that a man is interested in mutual masturbation with his partner in an existing relationship (whether of sexual exclusivity or not). There are some other situations in which a man can masturbate openly with another person (or persons) who are essentially strangers. For example, many masturbation clubs exist, some catering to men only, some to both male and female participants. In such situations, the only preparation required is for the man to locate such a club and find out its meeting places, times and rules.

A partner

But assuming a man is talking about masturbating in tandem with a recognized partner, the situation may require some forethought. Here are some things to consider before asking a partner to join in a stoke- or rub-fest.

- Has masturbation been mentioned before? In the relationship, have either one of the participants ever brought up the subject, even in a playful way? If so, what was said and what kind of response did it evoke? If it has not been mentioned, is that significant, or is it merely that the subject never arose?

- What kind of sexual views does the partner have? Sometimes (although not always) a guy can make a pretty good guess about how his partner feels about masturbation based on their embracing or rejecting of other sexual matters. For example, a partner who rips their clothes off when sex is proposed and jumps on the bed growling may be more open to the idea of mutual masturbation than a partner who insists on turning all the lights off before disrobing.

- How touchy-feely is the partner where genitals are concerned? Is sex typically all about penetration (or perhaps all about oral sex), or do the participants already fondle each other’s genitals in the course of their lovemaking?

Assuming the answers to these questions indicate a likely willingness or interest in a masturbation duet, the man may want to move forward - although still with caution if he is unsure of how the partner might respond.

Each couple is different, so there is no hard and fast rule as to whether to approach the subject jokingly, seriously, playfully, etc. Whatever approach is made, a guy should be prepared for some negative reactions.

For example, a partner may find the idea distasteful. If so, this will hopefully be expressed in a sensitive manner.

Similarly, some partners may mistakenly believe a guy is suggesting this approach because he doesn’t find the couple’s current sexual activities satisfying. The man should firmly reassure the partner that this is not the case and that he is simply looking to explore new ways of sharing their sexual selves.

Hopefully, the partner will respond that they are quite happy to make the heretofore solo masturbation experience into a dual endeavor. In that case, a guy definitely wants to make sure he has been keeping his penis healthy by using a first class penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) . Attractive penis skin is a must, so find a crème that can keep it well moisturized via ingredients like Shea butter and vitamin E. It also pays to select a crème with vitamin C, a key component of the collagen that gives penis skin its tone and elasticity. A good looking penis makes a man proud.