Siblings, friends, television, commercials and marketing campaigns -- everyone is saying something different about the penis. Shoe sizes, penis supplements, vitamins and minerals, and deodorants - while some prove beneficial in attracting women others do not. It can all get a bit confusing! While a lot of myths have been debunked, it is surprising how few men might know the real facts. It's the age of information, but it is still difficult to figure out what is true and what is not. Knowing the truth can dramatically change the way a man thinks about his penis, sex, relationships and himself.

Female Satisfaction

Worried that your schlong isn't big enough to impress the ladies? Well think again, because size isn't everything -- really. In November, 2002, scientists from Groningen University Hospital in The Netherlands published a study in European Urology that proved just that. Over 170 women completed a survey on the importance of penis length and girth for their satisfaction. During the study only 20% of women rated penis length as "important," and just 1% of women considered penis length "very important." By contrast, over 30% of women thought that girth was "important" and 2% "very important." So counting up the inches maybe isn't the biggest thing for men to worry about. A thicker penis is far more satisfying to women's pleasure. Forget vacuum devices and penis stretchers -- men who use these technologies are literally heading in the wrong direction.

Shoe Size

The idea that a man's shoe size and penis size are connected goes back generations. However, according to researchers from the U.K., it's also not true. After comparing shoe size and penis size in 104 men, the researchers confirmed that having big or small feet has no connection to the size of the male member. Surprisingly, the size of your ring and index finger might. In a study that few outside the scientific community were expecting, Korean researchers published a study in The Journal of Andrology in 2011 that proved a connection between the length of the index finger, ring finger and penis. The reason for this connection is that finger length is determined early in life, and the ring finger especially is sensitive to testosterone levels a boy is exposed to in utero -- a factor that may also help determine penis length.


Commercials and marketing campaigns have said for years that a nice smelling man is more attractive to the women around him. But this modern marketing ploy may have actually sparked a modern-day myth of its own. Staying clean is important, but the most important aphrodisiac beside health and appearance is the male scent, and deodorants and antiperspirants may be masking it. Male sweat is actually filled with natural chemicals, such as androstadienone, that stimulate a sexual response in women, telling them at a biological level information about the health and virility of a potential male partner. Studies show that the scent of clean, healthy men is attractive to women, while the scent of men who are dirty, unhealthy, or infected with pathogens is largely unattractive. So fellas, it's great to want to smell good and keep yourself feeling fresh, but if you happen to work up a sweat don't worry about it too much. It might score someone a date.


It is true, there are a range of supplements available on the market that can have an effect on male health - but whether they work or not depends on what you want them to do. There are no safe and efficacious drugs or herbs to increase penis size -- that is a myth, and false advertising. Some vitamins and minerals may improve male hormone levels, benefit impotence, and even increase penis nerve sensitivity. Available through either oral supplementation or topical penis crèmes (most professionals recommend Man1Man Oil) nutrients such as vitamin C, E, A, alpha lipoic acid, L-arginine, and vitamin B5 have shown in numerous studies to support penis health and sexual function. For a fast effect, use penis health crèmes so that nutrients can be absorbed quickly into the local area.