A trendy new restaurant opened in Paris recently and while the food is reputed to be quite good, it’s not the cuisine that attracts people - it’s the nudity. O’Naturel is billed as Paris’ first nudist restaurant and the opportunity of dining with others similarly unclothed is drawing crowds. Of course, a person can also experience naked dining with friends in the privacy and comfort of home, but in either case, it raises the issue of penis care. If a guy is going to be breaking bread in the buff with others, he wants to be sure he’s sporting a healthy penis that can be admired either outright or on the sly.

What things should a man keep in mind when dining nude, whether in a public restaurant, at a nudist gathering or with one special person at home? The following is a partial list that should be helpful for the beginning nudist diner.

- Expect for it to feel awkward initially. Some people, especially those exhibitionistically-inclined, have no problem with shucking their clothes and putting their healthy penis and body out there for all to see. Many others, however, will feel hesitant and uncomfortable, especially at first. That’s to be expected, so allow these feelings to be there, acknowledge them and take time; eventually, most people relax after a little time has passed.

- Look but don’t stare. People check others out in restaurants all the time when they’re clothed, even if it’s just a glance to sum them up. The same thing happens in naked dining, and it’s natural to quickly compare sizes or evaluate another body. But it’s impolite to stare or allow the gaze to linger too long.

- Be hygienic. At a public restaurant, there will be rules about changing seat covers between diners, etc. At home or in a casual nudist gathering, be prepared to bring a towel to sit on. Remember that without a shirt, sweat from the underarms is more likely to cause a problem. So be careful about reaching across the table and letting a few drops fall onto the table, a guest or the food.

- Be careful of spills. Want to keep that healthy penis in good health and looking good? Make wise decisions where the menu is concerned. It’s probably best to avoid hot soups or dishes made with hot gravies; a few unintended spills can do damage. (Wearing a napkin will help, of course - but napkins do have a habit of slipping off the lap at inconvenient times.) Flaming desserts? Save them for a clothed dinner.

- Deal with erections. When dining bare with the significant other at home, erections should be no problem; indeed, part of the point of dining alone is to use dinner as a prelude to sex. But erections are more problematic when dining nude in a public setting. It’s usually best to cover it with a napkin and just wait for it to go down before standing up to go back to the buffet line or journey to the men’s room.

Presenting a healthy penis when dining nude (or any time) is easier if a man regularly makes penis health a priority. Part of his regimen should definitely be the daily application of a high quality penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) . Dry penis skin can be a definite turn-off, so be sure to locate a crème that has a combination of moisturizing ingredients; a high-end emollient (such as Shea butter) plus a natural hydrator (such as vitamin E) is ideal. A pungent penis odor can also be a distraction, so use a crème with vitamin A. The antibacterial properties of vitamin A can attack the root cause of many persistent odors.