The penis can be the source of endless pleasure, particularly when there's another person involved in the equation. However, this little bit of flesh can also be the source of an intense amount of mental anguish, particularly for men who haven't spent a lot of time in a locker room. These guys may have no idea what an average Johnson is even supposed to look like, and they may be convinced that the tool they have is somehow deficient and in need of intensive. It's a tough problem, and men with real concerns should always check with a doctor for help with penis care. But learning a little more about what an average penis looks like could help to alleviate some concerns.

General Alignment

A flaccid penis tends to adhere to the pull of gravity, swinging with each step a man takes. But when something exciting takes place and that shaft fills with blood, the penis should point up to the sky and away from a man's body. Subtle curves to the right or to the left are common, but no deep bends or pronounced curves should be apparent when the penis is filled with blood.

Color Considerations

It's common for portions of the penis to be slightly darker than the rest of a man's body, particularly when an erection is in full force. Blood is a colorful fluid, and when it's moving through tissues that are somewhat transparent, like those that cover a man's tool, the skin can take on a slightly darker hue and pick up hints of:

  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Yellow

The tip of the penis might also be slightly darker all of the time, due to the large number of small blood vessels that serve the penile tissue.

Wrinkles and Bumps

Since the penis has to grow from a very small size to a very large size on a regular basis, it's covered in skin that's a little loose and floppy. This allows tissues to expand and contract without painful stretching and tearing. These wrinkles can be a little unsightly, but they're part of normal anatomy.

Tiny penis bumps that encircle the head of the penis are also common, and they're usually harmless. Pearly penile papules, which are clear bumps that encircle the tip of a man's penis, are not spread through any kind of sexual activity, and they're often found in men who have been circumcised. In most cases, nothing must be done to treat them, as they do not cause harm. Men can visit their doctors for more information on this subject, however, and get tested to ensure that they don't have an STD that could cause similar bumps.

Veins and Arteries

Some types of penis bumps are caused by the network of veins and arteries that nourish the cells of the penis. These vessels can grow quite large, and sometimes, they even seem to pop out of the skin like little worms or snakes. It can be a little frightening to see this kind of growth, and again, a doctor can reassure guys who are unsure about their health, but big vessels in the penis that are visible aren't typically considered dangerous or unusual.

Maintaining Normal

The word "normal" isn't always associated with the word "impressive." Those guys who want to do more than just blend in might need to take a few additional steps in order to ensure that they are as awe-inspiring as they can possibly be.

A penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can help. Products like this can keep skin elastic and supple, and the nourishing action can help to support the growth of newer, brighter skin cells. With these products, the penis will have the nourishment it needs to grow, and to deliver to a degree that's much better than "normal."