It is well-known that the average guy is preoccupied with his penis. He may spend hours every week (or even every day) wondering whether it measures up in terms of size, shape and ability to please a partner. In fact, it’s safe to say that virtually every man has wondered at some point whether he has a normal penis; for some, this concern becomes an obsession. Men who spend time worrying about every bump, curve, vein, variation in skin color and any other unusual-seeming feature of their penile topography can work themselves into a high level of anxiety. This may affect their self-esteem, their attitudes toward sex and even their ability to perform. These men should rest assured that when it comes to male anatomy, "normal" can mean many things, and that the real focus of their attention should be on maintaining a healthy penis.

Here are just some of the variations on penis shapes -- as well as a few hints for men to make the most of their special configurations.

1) The banana. Just as its name implies, this penis is curved like a banana when it is hard. Usually, it points downward toward the floor when it is fully erect. Women often enjoy a banana-shaped penis, as it is perfectly configured to hit her G-spot in the missionary position.

2) The hammer. When the penis has a head that is much wider than the shaft, it may bear a resemblance to a hammer. A penis like this is perfect for G-spot stimulation, so guys with this shape should be sure to bring this to the attention of their female partners - preferably through demonstration.

3) The letter C. This penis curves a bit to the right when erect, and it is perfect for spooning - when a man and woman lie on their sides, with her back pressed into his abdomen and their bodies curled together.

4) The "sweet apple." This penis is short, but wide - sometimes measuring 5-6 inches in girth. Women often enjoy this type of penis because it comes in contact with the entire vagina. Men who are concerned about the shorter length should keep in mind that most women can’t feel much beyond the first 3 inches of their vaginal opening.

5) The mushroom. Like the hammer, the mushroom is larger in the head than the shaft; with the mushroom, the head takes on a resemblance to an umbrella. This shape is especially good for the doggy-style position, as it provides extra stimulation.

6) The pencil. This penis type is long, slim and straight and provides deep penetration. It can be especially stimulating in the woman-on-top position.

7) The carrot. Smaller in the head but larger in the shaft, tapering outward to a wide base, this type of penis is perfect for deep penetration.

So which penis is best?

At this point, with any luck, men with penile concerns may have begun to develop an appreciation for what nature has given them. And when it comes to the question of which type of penis is best, it is more than likely that most women would answer that it is the one attached to the man she is with. In general, if a woman is interested enough in a man that she is ready to start exploring what he is packing underneath his jeans, chances are that she will be delighted with whatever she finds - as long as it is clean and healthy.

Therefore, instead of worrying about a little curve this way or that, men should be focusing their attention on grooming. Keeping the surrounding hair short and neatly trimmed - or even completely shaved - will set off the manhood in all its glory, as well as reducing the unpleasant odors that can develop when sweat and other bodily fluids become trapped in a bush of hair.

It goes without saying that the entire groin area should be kept clean, so showering every day is a must. Men who want to go the extra mile to keep things clean and fresh should opt for a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) that is formulated with odor-killing ingredients like vitamin A, along with natural emollients that keep the skin soft, smooth and responsive. Applied every day after a shower, a penile cream can make a visible (and touchable) difference in the condition and sensitivity of the penis.