It’s normal for people to wish for something they think they want, even if by doing so they don’t appreciate what they have. And that goes double when talking about penis size. No matter that proper penis health is ultimately more important than penis size; too many guys whose manhood is of normal, perfectly respectable dimensions envies the rare few who possess a member of exceptional size. But the truth is that a normal penis size is actually an asset.

Define normal

So what is meant by a "normal" penis size anyway? There are hundreds of surveys and reports that claim they are answering this question, including a recent one which found that the average penis size is about an inch longer than previously thought. But that survey is seriously flawed, depending on self-reporting - which is a recipe for exaggerated answers. The most recent reputable survey found that the normal penis size is actually a little over 5 inches when erect. The vast majority of men fall comfortably in the 4" to 6" range. Those who can truthfully boast of 7 inches or more are truly outliers.

Men are very visual, so it’s no wonder that when a porn star with a massive penis comes onscreen they assume their equipment must be lacking in power and prowess. Yet study after study has demonstrated that the size of the wand has nothing to do with the magic it packs.


In fact, there are numerous advantages to being the proud owner of a penis of "normal" size. A few of these advantages include:

- It’s made for a woman. Sure, some women may salivate at the sight of an exceptionally large penis. But most women who have actually been in bed with a man of monstrous size can verify that the experience is not always pleasant. The vagina is made to accommodate 5 or 6 inches quite comfortably; when a larger penis penetrates, it can cause pain, especially if the owner of that penis has not indulged in enough foreplay. And since the most sensitive part of the vagina is in the initial 2 or 3 inches, stimulation can be achieved equally well with a normal penis size.

- Staying firm. Although scientific studies have not been conducted to back this up, anecdotal evidence suggests that, all other things being equal, it’s easier to maintain a normal erection than a massive one. The larger penis requires a larger influx of blood, and that can take more effort.

- Better protection. The vast majority of condoms are made for the normal penis size. Although manufacturers certainly make larger sizes, finding one that fits a bigger penis can be a problem. A normal guy can feel much more secure in his choice of protection.

- Oral attractiveness. Even women who enjoy vaginal penetration by a large penis are less enthused about performing oral sex on one. A guy with a normal penis size is much easier to handle from an oral performance perspective. So it’s fair to assume that men with a typical member enjoy more opportunities for oral sex than men with an atypically large manhood.

But whether the penis size is normal, extra-large or especially diminutive, it’s important to keep that member in prime health. Regular application of a first class penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) should therefore be a part of every guy’s maintenance routine. For best results, select a crème that contains both L-arginine and acetyl L carnitine. An amino acid, L-arginine is a key element in the process by which penile blood vessels open so they are receptive to increased blood flow, essential for an engorged penis. And acetyl L carnitine is a neuroprotective ingredient that helps prevent loss of sensation in the penis from rough (if enjoyable) handling.