Ah, the one night stand - it’s a rite of passage for some men, a way to relieve the sexual pressure and enjoy the company of a new partner. And of course, most men know that even in the heat of the moment, practicing good penis care is essential - he must always use protection when engaging in sex with a new partner. But there are a few issues with one night stands that might surprise a man, and could make him think twice about getting it on with that virtual stranger.

Facts about one night stands

One night stands are quite popular; in fact, some studies say that 70% of men and women have indulged in a one-nighter at some point. The fun of casual sex has become much more prevalent these days, as each generation tends to become a bit more open about their sexual conquests. The idea that sex must be had within the context of a relationship has fallen to the wayside, and today, up to 33% of those who are into casual sex might have more than one partner within a 24-hour period!

Those facts might not come as any surprise, but here’s one that could: One night stands quite often lead to real relationships.

Of the almost 70% of individuals who have a one night stand, just over 30% of those wound up in a long-term relationship with their one-night-stand partner. There could be many reasons why this happens. First is the attraction; a man who hooks up with a woman for casual sex is often quite attracted to her, which means he is just as likely to be attracted to her the next day. Besides that, a really incredible encounter might leave both thirsty for more, which means they get it on again…and again, and again…

In addition, sex activates areas of the brain that are responsible for emotional attachments. An orgasm, for a man or a woman, only activates more of those areas. This can mean that even if there is very little in common - even a man doesn’t even know his partner’s name - there is some physical and emotional attachment forming from the moment they fall into bed together. If that attachment is allowed to grow through a few more encounters, it is entirely possible that a full-blown relationship could ensue.

Protecting penis health…and the heart

If a man simply wants a one night stand and is determined to have no emotional attachments, it’s a good idea to simply have the sex and leave it at that. Say a polite goodbye when it is over and head for the door. Though it might seem more polite to stay and welcome the morning together, that all depends on just how willing a man is to put his heart on the line!

During the act, always wear a condom, no exceptions. Nothing will lengthen a one night stand faster than pregnancy, possibly turning a few hours of pleasure into 18 years (and more!) of shared responsibility. Besides that, getting in touch with that one night stand to discuss positive STD results is not a conversation anybody wants to have.

Between those encounters - whether they are ‘one and done’ or a full-blown relationship in the works - it pays to pay close attention to penis health. The use of a good penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) can help ensure a man is ready for action no matter what the situation. Look for a crème that contains odor-fighting vitamin A, L-arginine for good blood flow and vitamin C for stronger erections. Combine nutrients and vitamins in a Shea butter base for the smooth, supple penis skin a partner will appreciate.