A little ache or pain in the muscles and joints is something everyone encounters at various times, and so it also is not uncommon for a man to endure a sore penis every now and then. Often there are good reasons for the sore penis, not all of which are necessarily cause for penis health concern. Let’s take a look at some fairly common reasons why a guy might find himself with a sore penis hanging between his legs.

A few reasons

- Shampoo or soap. One of the more common reasons for experiencing a little penis pain, especially if the pain is bin the tip of the penis and is not long lasting. Some soaps or shampoos may contain ingredients that can cause a little "sting" if they enter the urethra. If this is a persistent problem, a guy should either try switching soaps or shampoos or else covering the tip of the penis with a washcloth (without soap) while showering.

- Lack of lube. Easily one of the biggest reasons for a sore penis is that a man decides to have sex without adequate lubrication. This can include almost any kind of sex - masturbation, vaginal, anal. Oral sex tends to be an exception. Without sufficient lubrication, his hand (when masturbating) or the body part being penetrated creates too much friction, rubbing the penis raw. In the throes of sexual excitement, a man may not notice the rawness - but afterward, he may be sore for hours if not days. Having sufficient lubrication on hand (and using it) is one of the key preventive measures a guy can take to ward off a sore penis.

- Neglecting to wear a condom. Clearly, condoms are good ideas to help prevent unwanted pregnancy, well as transmission of a wide range of sexually-transmitted infections. But sometimes condoms can also help to reduce the risk of a sore penis. The latex barrier can protect against a vagina or anus that has not been lubricated to the degree required for maximum comfort and effectiveness.

- Sexually-transmitted infection. Not wearing a condom can also lead to the passing on a sexually-transmitted infection from a partner. This is still a huge problem in the United States, especially among older men who may be getting back "into the game" after having been married or partnered for many years. Different infections have different symptoms, but a sore penis is common among many. Guys who think that a sexually-transmitted infection is the root cause of their sore penis must consult a doctor as soon as possible.

- Urinary tract infection. Although more common in women, many men do get urinary tract infections - and that can cause a sore penis, especially when one is urinating. This usually occurs when bacteria finds its way into some portion of the urinary tract, especially the urethra. Again, seeking medical help from a professional is recommended. (In some cases, a bacterial infection may cause prostatitis, which may also create an unwanted sore penis situation.)

Frequently, one of the big reasons for a sore penis is simply overuse. In addition to rest, trhy regularly applying a first class penis health oil (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin ). The soreness will abate somewhat if the penis skin is kept moisturized and pliable, so find an oil that contains a combination of hydrating agents, such as shea butter and vitamin E. Look also to ensure that vitamin C is listed among the ingredients. Why? Because vitamin C is a key component of collagen, a tissue in the body that gives skin its tone and elasticity. Vitamin C is also necessary for proper blood flow, which is essential for maintaining erectile function.