As most men would agree, there’s nothing quite like a little oral sex to put an enormous smile on a man’s face. Truth be told, most women are pretty fond of being orally gratified as well, which means that the couple that can achieve a 69 situation - simultaneously giving each other oral pleasure - is one happy couple. While appropriate penis health is essential for any kind of oral gratification activity, achieving 69 requires more than that: planning, coordination and physical flexibility, for example.

Why 69?

Simultaneous mutual oral gratification between two partners is typically called 69 because the two digits that make up the number appear to be head-to-crotch with each other. The stem of the 6 is pointing toward the head of the 9 and vice versa, reflecting the idea of two people in what would at least appear to be an ideal position for giving oral pleasure one to the other.

Not for everyone

Achieving 69 is not something that’s at the top of every couple’s list, but most men are eager to at least experience it. For some couples, it just doesn’t work out: The physical maneuvering doesn’t make it worthwhile, or it may be more difficult for one partner to concentrate on the other at the same time that his or her genitals are being orally engulfed. So before embarking, it’s good to have a discussion and see if one’s partner is willing to try it.

Don’t be discouraged

If a couple does decide to make the attempt, it’s good to set up a basic "this is an experiment" agreement. If it works, great. If it doesn’t, it should still be fun. The goal is to try something different and enjoy the experience, whatever happens.


As with any sexual encounter, partners want to be at their best. Since a great deal of time is going to be spent with each partner up close and personal with the other’s equipment (and quite near the anus as well), it’s an excellent idea to take a shower just before starting. There may be a temptation to add a little powder or aroma to the area as well, but that’s not needed. Powder may end up in the partner’s mouth and a little perfume (in addition to being potentially painful to the genitals) might be overpowering, not to mention displeasing to the taste buds.

Men may also want to consider doing a little groin grooming. Depending on a partner’s preference, trimming the bush or even doing a to-the-skin shave may make the experience more palatable.

Figure out the best position.

What is going to work best for a couple: laying one on top and one on bottom or side by side? Or switching between the two? Or starting with one on top and then flipping midway through? Each couple is different and needs to find its own way; however, when opting for one on top and one on bottom, most couples find it preferable for the man to be on the bottom. Since men tend to weigh more, this places less weight on the woman. In addition, if the woman is on top, she’s in greater control of how she performs the oral sex. If the woman is on bottom, a man may start thrusting in a manner that is uncomfortable for her.


The most important rule: Don’t just lie there. This is a mutual experience, so both partners need to be giving as well as receiving.

Achieving 69 (or any form of oral sex) is much more likely when a man’s equipment is appealing. Regular use of a quality penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) helps deal with major turn-offs such as unwanted penis odor and dry or flaky skin. A crème that contains vitamin A will have anti-bacterial capabilities to attack any persistent odor that showering doesn’t address. And one loaded with natural moisturizers such as Shea butter and vitamin E can do wonders for common penile skin issues that can be so off-putting. A healthy penis is one that stands a much better chance of oral engulfment.