It's hard to describe just how miserable life can be for a guy who has a numb penis. The most stoic of men who never complain about anything at all can become dramatic and even hysterical when they think about living the rest of their lives with a vital body part that doesn't work as well as it should. The good news is that proper penis care can help to resolve numbness issues for many men. Often, it takes months of work in order to see real results, but those who make a commitment to getting better often can and do get their sensation back. As proof, Doug (not his real name) offers to share his story about the steps he took to get his feeling back down below.

Comprehensive Testing

Doug felt certain that his numbness stemmed from poor decisions and not underlying medical conditions. However, he still went to his doctor for advice.

"When I started doing online research, I found out that numbness could be a symptom of heart disease, diabetes and all sorts of other nasty diseases. I was freaking out," he says. "So I made an appointment for a head-to-toe physical, and I went through more tests than you'll ever believe. If a doctor can poke it, I probably had it poked."

The good news is that all of Doug's testing came back clear, so he didn't have a serious disease to deal with. But that gave him a new set of challenges to overcome.

"Nobody wants to be sick, and that's a fact," he says. "But going to the doctor and finding out that you're technically healthy even when you can't feel anything in your dick is just depressing. I didn't have an easy answer."

What Doug did have was a will to improve. And he was stubborn enough to make it happen.

"I've always been the sort of guy who would rather do something to change a situation, rather than just complaining about it," he says. "So when my medical tests were clear, I started working on other parts of my life."

Lifestyle Shift

Doug was an avid cyclist, and his bike had a traditional seat that was shaped like a banana. It was comfortable to ride on, but the aftermath of a long ride was hard to ignore.

"The day after a marathon ride, I couldn't feel anything at all in my lap," he says. "The sensation would come back, but it took longer and longer to heal up. When I realized that I wasn't healing at all, I ordered a new seat that's shaped more like a stool. I figured that would put less pressure on the nerves that support the penis."

Doug is also a really thin man, and he spends a lot of time outdoors. Often, this means he's placing his very thin body on:

- Rocks

- Hard ground

- Wooden benches

- Tree stumps

"Again, all of this sitting would leave me feeling temporarily numb," he says. "I started carrying around a little inflatable pad to whisk under my butt when I sit down. Yes, people made fun of me, but it did make a big difference."

As his lap healed, Doug also made a commitment to refrain from any kind of sexual activity, so he didn't have sex with a partner, and he didn't have sex alone.

Supporting Health

Lifestyle changes like this can make a big difference in a man's ability to feel things down below, but men like Doug often need to pair that work with nutritional support.

Adding a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) helps. These products can help to soften and smooth roughened skin, while vitamins and minerals can help to support nerve growth and healing. It's the perfect accompaniment to a numb penis healing routine.