Most often when a guy focuses on penis problems, he’s looking at ways to treat a persistent penis odor or to "fix" a reluctant erection or to find out what that unhealthy looking growth really is. But sometimes penis problems can involve one’s female partner(s) instead. For example, it’s a problem for a guy’s penis if his partner has pain during sex due to endometriosis.

What is this condition?

Because people tend to be more knowledgeable about sexual issues, there is more knowledge now about endometriosis - but many men still know little about it except that it can be hard to pronounce. So what exactly is endometriosis?

When a woman has endometriosis, it means that the endometrium, which is a layer of tissue that should be lining the inside of the uterus, is instead growing outside of the uterus - typically around the ovaries, fallopian tubes and surrounding area.

As one can imagine, this is not exactly comfortable, and in fact generally causes some degree of pelvic pain in women - a chronic case of it in about half of women with endometriosis. And even more affected women experience pain from it when they are menstruating.

Not surprisingly, penetrative sex can also cause extreme discomfort. How much pain (and how often it occurs during sex) depends upon the specific circumstances of an individual. But for many women, it can be a frequent reason to avoid penetrative sex - and understandably so.

For partners of women with endometriosis, of course, it can be frustrating. But it’s important to understand that this pain is quite real and caring and committed partners need to work together to find ways to enjoy sex together even when endometriosis is creating a pain barrier.

Things to do

First and foremost, partners need to communicate. Sometimes a woman may be shy or embarrassed and may not wish to tell her partner about this issue. But if two people are in a committed relationship, it needs to be talked about - and so if a man notices that his partner is reluctant to have sex or seems to be experiencing pain, he should talk about this observation and, gently, ask if there is anything that might be causing the situation.

The discussions should be open and honest - but respectful - and cover both what the woman and the man are feeling.

Couples should also discuss practical possible solutions. For example, it may be necessary to accept that there will be certain times when penetrative sex is off the table. They should be prepared to explore oral sex or mutual masturbation as alternatives. Or penetrative sex may be an option, but it may mean exploring different positions to find one which is not painful. If lubrication has not previously been much-used in their sex life together, the couple may need to add a quality lubricant to their lovemaking.

Dealing with endometriosis can be challenging - but men in a committed relationship definitely need to be prepared to alter their traditional methods of operating to make sure that sex is as enjoyable for their partners as it is for them.

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