When a guy first notices that his penis skin is a bit dry, it’s not uncommon for him to step up his penis care regimen and use a good penis health crème or moisturizer on a more regular basis than usual. But when that dry skin gets worse and turns into a peeling mess, or when the penis skin begins to get so dry that it turns red and irritated, a guy might start to wonder what kind of problem he has contracted from one of his recent partners. The good news is that in most cases, the reasons for peeling and dry penis skin are pretty simple and can be easily cured.

What causes peeling and dry penis skin?

There can be many reasons why the penis skin becomes so dry that it looks red, or that it seems to begin peeling and cracking. Here are a few of the most common culprits:

- Jock itch. That’s right - old-fashioned jock itch might be the problem. For most men jock itch appears as a rash that spreads and causes unbelievable itching. But for some, the presentation of jock itch is much more subtle and can lead to skin that looks a little red, but doesn’t have a truly discernable rash; it can also lead to skin that is extremely dry and begins to crack or peel. It might also have a scaly appearance, which can make a guy want to scratch and pick at it. The good news is that an antifungal crème can clear up the problem rather quickly. Doctors have plenty of experience with treating jock itch and can prescribe something that is just the right strength to battle the problem without leading to even worse dryness.

- Yeast infections. These infections are more common in women, but men can certainly develop them too, especially if there are underlying medical conditions that compromise their immune system. Yeast infections can lead to peeling and dry penis skin, but they can also lead to a thick discharge, painful urination, redness and inflammation, and of course, itching that just won’t stop. Though over the counter medications are available for this, a man’s first bout of it means he needs to go to the doctor and make certain that is what’s going on before he chooses an over the counter product for treatment.

- Skin allergies. In some cases, skin allergies can go from almost non-existent to rather severe in the span of a few days. This might be the case if a man changes something in his day-to-day life, such as the shower cleanser he uses or the detergent he chooses for his clothing. Allergies to things that come into direct contact with the penis, such as latex condoms, might cause severe cracking, peeling and dryness.

- Skin conditions. Some conditions, such as psoriasis or eczema, usually appear on other parts of the body, but they can show up on the penis. These conditions usually result in significant itching, as well as rashes or scales on the skin. Skin conditions like this need the help of a dermatologist to determine exactly what’s going on and the appropriate treatments for the condition.

No matter what is causing the dry penis skin, it always helps to add more moisture to the skin. A powerful penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) can assist in that endeavor. Look specifically for a crème that contains the double-punch of vitamin E and Shea butter. These exceptional moisturizers work synergistically to create the most supple, smooth penis skin any man could want.