Men with an aching groin area may be experiencing nothing more than the predictable after-effects of an enthusiastic encounter in the sheets; and what man wouldn’t want the bragging rights that come with the penile soreness resulting from a whole night of getting it on? On the other hand, before taking his accomplishment to the locker room, a man who is in serious discomfort might be better off taking himself to the doctor to rule out an underlying penis injury or other problem. Proper penis care can help to ensure that a minor issue won’t turn into a long-term disability.

Common causes of penile soreness

1) Bending/twisting - In the middle of a steamy encounter, a couple may try numerous different positions that can bend or twist the penis in a variety of directions. A sudden and unexpected move by a partner may also cause torsion of the erect member that can lead to minor tissue damage. In most cases, injuries of this nature are minor, and a few days of rest should be enough to resolve the resulting soreness. However, if severe pain occurs, or the ache does not recede after a few days - or the torsion is accompanied by a popping sound from the penis - medical attention should be sought immediately. The symptoms may signal a penile rupture; appropriate treatment is a must to avoid long-term disfigurement and/or loss of function.

2) Blunt force trauma - A misplaced knee or a flying soccer ball to the groin can be instantly agonizing, as well as leaving the area throbbing and sore for hours. Impact trauma to the penis can result in bruising and other tissue damage; again, if the symptoms do not fade, or if swelling or severe bruising occur, a trip to the doctor is in order.

3) Urinary tract infection - While not related to any direct penis injury, a urinary tract infection can affect the entire length of the urethra and may cause pain along the shaft of the penis. Urinary tract infections require treatment with antibiotics, so there is no skipping the trip to the doctor for this type of pain.

4) Sexually transmitted infection - As with a urinary tract infection, a disease picked up through intimate contact can cause pain along the urethra. Men who experience a burning sensation, especially if it is accompanied by sores, rash, discharge, fever or other flu-like symptoms, should be immediately tested and treated at a clinic or medical center.

5) Overuse - Finally, that penis pain may really just be related to a little too much loving; the muscles along the shaft may become sore, just as the legs might ache after unaccustomed exercise. In this case, all that is needed is a day or two of rest; however, if the pain does not fade away, or becomes worse, then some of the other possibilities should be considered.

Prevention and daily care for a healthy penis

Taking steps to avoid injury is common sense, although there is, of course, no guarantee that a freak accident won’t happen. However, at the very least, men should be sure to cover up and support the goods during athletic activities. Using a personal lube during intimate encounters can also help to prevent chafing, as well as bending or twisting injuries that may occur when body parts aren’t quite as slick as they should be during vigorous thrusting. Using protection for ALL encounters is a must, even with a committed partner, to avoid not only sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies, but also to avoid contact with bacteria that can cause painful UTIs.

The penis should also be kept clean at all times, and men should avoid the use of soaps and cleansers that contain alcohol, detergents and other ingredients that can irritate the penile tissue. Adding a penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) that is enriched with natural moisturizers and emollients can also help to keep the skin smooth, sleek and supple, helping to reduce the risk of friction-related injuries, as well as speeding healing of minor tissue damage.