Penis bumps are not an uncommon experience for many men, and there’s a whole range of bumps and possible causes that can pop up on the tool without warning. One class of bumps that is experienced by about 1 in 4 men is pearly penile papules (called PPP for short). These are bumps that appear even on men that take pains to practice exceptional penis care, and for some men they are a cause of both concern and consternation.

What are pearly penile papules?

Many a man has been lovingly stroking his erect penis only to discover that a ring of tiny little bumps has formed around the base of the glans. Typically flesh-colored or clear, they can take a man by surprise and inspire fear.

The first thought of many men who discover PPP decorating their equipment is that, though they have been scrupulously careful, they have somehow acquired a sexually transmitted infection (STI). All men need to rest assured that this is not the case with pearly papules. Exactly what causes these particular penis bumps is unknown, but they clearly occur independent of sexual activity. They are classified as benign.


Once a man knows that he has not contracted a deadly STI, he may spend a little more time looking objectively at the PPPs he now sports. For some men, they are an added bonus; they like the rough-hewn look that the bumps add to their manhood. In addition, while quite small, these particular penis bumps do give the member a bit of a "French tickler" appearance; some partners of men with PPP report that the slightly raised surfaces do add a special friction to intercourse that is highly pleasurable.

To other men, however, PPPs are an unwelcome blight upon their sacred manhood. They dislike the physical appearance and find that touching them feels strange. More importantly, they worry that their partners will not look kindly upon this new addition to their personal sexual arsenal. And in some cases, they do cause some slight soreness when undergoing vigorous sex.

Can something be done?

Many men are anxious to rid their equipment of what they see as intruders. But is there anything they can do?

The answer is yes, but any attempt to remove PPPs needs to be done by a professional in a proper setting. Some men attempt to remove them at home by themselves; this is not only ineffective but dangerous and can lead to infection and serious consequences.

There are several professional treatment methods that can be tried. These include removal by freezing, laser, cutting or electrical current. These treatments can be expensive and are not always successful; in addition, they typically require anesthesia and cause penile soreness that can last for several days. It’s probably best for a man to consider removal of PPPs only if he is deeply bothered and distressed by them.

A better alternative is to try to simply accept these penis bumps as being a natural part of life for some men. While the appearance may seem alien at first, many men (and their partners) find beauty in the PPPs.

While exploring the landscape of a penis with pearly penile papules, a man may discover issues other than these penis bumps. Having on hand a top-notch penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) will enable him to address these issues. PPPs may be agitated by overly dry penile skin, so regular use of a crème that possesses superior hydrating capabilities is essential; the presence of Shea butter and vitamin E indicates a powerful moisturizing crème. It is also beneficial if the crème contains vitamin A; too many members are cursed with a persistent and unpleasant odor that washing alone cannot control. The anti-bacterial properties of vitamin A can tackle that job, leaving a man with a much more presentable penis.