There are all sorts of things men can do with a penis at home. They can make a partner happy, make themselves happy and so much more. But there are some things that simply can't be done with the penis in the privacy of a man's home. Burning off penis bumps is, unfortunately, one of these things. Appropriate penis care for fleshy, raised warts on a man's intimate tool must be sought at the doctor's office, not at home.

Why Not?

Warts can pop up all over a man's body. He might have them on his hands, on his feet, on his fingertips and his toes. And when those body warts appear, it's easy enough for guys to get over-the-counter compounds that burn the raised tissues away.

Men who use these compounds on the penis might quickly find, however, that these products just aren't designed to deal with problems down below. Tissues are more sensitive in this region, with plenty of nerve endings, so burning them with chemical preparations can cause intense and overwhelming pain.

Plus, the manufacturers of these products haven't tested them on intimate tissues in most cases, so that means a guy is experimenting on himself when he uses these products on his penis. Who knows what will happen? That might not be a risk worth taking.

A Doctor's Help

Men who go to the doctor for bumps on the penis might find that the treatments there are both effective and painless. For example, doctors might write out a prescription for a cream that:

- Boosts the immune system

- Causes mild itching but no pain

- Removes warts from the inside

- Leaves no scar tissue

This cream is powerful, but it can be applied at home. So men can still get the relief they want and have some privacy at the same time, but they won't be harming their tissues in the process.

A doctor can also provide more intensive care if the gentle creams a man tries don't work. For example, a doctor can cut off big clusters of warts that go deep into the tissue and that don't always respond to creams. A doctor can also use lasers to burn away deep warts. This isn't the kind of thing a man can do at home, but a doctor is equipped to handle such procedures.

Prevention is Best

While penis bumps can certainly be treated, the best option involves avoiding these issues altogether. That means men who are choosing to get busy with a new partner will need to have some tough talks about sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and prevention. Guys should make sure their partners have seen no signs of bumps on their own bodies, and if they have, they should avoid contact.

Using condoms is another wise move. These covers shield skin as it comes into contact with another body, and sometimes, they can provide vital protection from warts. It's important to remember, however, that condoms only protect the skin that's covered. So they can't keep a man's entire body safe. That's why it's important for men to talk about infections before they become intimate with a partner.

Not all penis bumps are caused by sexually transmitted infections. In fact, some are caused by things like blocked pores and dry tissues. Men can avoid these problems altogether by keeping the skin of the penis as healthy as it can possibly be with a penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). These personal care products provide the nutrients, vitamins and emollients cells need in order to stay healthy, helping to prevent abnormalities like penis bumps.