Men with uncomfortable or painful intimate conditions often turn to online forums for information. When they're hiding behind a password and an assumed name, they can say almost anything without worrying about someone finding out something awkward about their health. Forums like this contain questions and answers about almost every health condition known to man, including more embarrassing issues such as penis bumps. Specifically, men often seem to want more information about what penis care steps they should take to overcome this uncomfortable problem. Here's one man's story.

A New Problem

For this man, the bumps appeared overnight. He hadn't been sexually active in the week or so before the bumps appeared, but he was almost certain that he got the spots due to some fluke sexually transmitted disease. He worried over the toilet seats he sat on and the clothes he borrowed from a friend. He was convinced that the bumps he saw were a sign of an STD, even though he hadn’t had any intimate contact in his recent past.

This is an incredibly common fear among men with bumps and sores on the penile skin, and it's totally understandable. STDs come with a lot of stigma, and many guys worry that getting an infection will mean the end of sex as they know it. Thankfully, however, doctors can spot many STDs on sight, and they can find others through lab tests. Visiting a doctor when bumps arrive is smart, and this man took advantage of the help of his doctor and made an appointment.

Not Convinced

When all of the tests came back clear and the man was told that his bumps were harmless, he simply didn't believe the news. Rather than relaxing, he continued to look for a solution, visiting other doctors, demanding medications, asking for recheck appointments and monitoring the size of his bumps every day.

Some of the treatments he received made his skin yet more irritated and sore, and they made the bumps look redder and even more obvious. His anxiety level increased to the point where he turned to online sources for help. Every time he was told that the symptoms he had weren't seemingly related to STDs, he became a little argumentative and angry. Meanwhile, his skin didn't get any better.

Better Options

Online health forums are not always a wise solution to a health problem, because most users are not medically qualified to offer an opinion, and taking faulty suggestions can often lead to bigger problems. Predictably, worrying and online chatting didn't seem to help this man. In the end, he was just as upset and anxious as he was when the conversation started, and no closer to a solution. His appointments with doctors also didn't seem to provide him with relief, and it's quite possible that he went to these appointments with the same mind-set of worry and concern, and he was reluctant to even listen to the idea that his bumps might be harmless.

In time, however, this man did find a doctor he trusted, and he was willing to entertain the thought that his bumps weren't passed to him through sex. He began to try a few reasonable steps, including bathing after workouts and refraining from rough masturbation sessions, and his bumps began to fade away. In this case, his bumps were caused by overactive sebaceous glands (follicles) that were irritated by sweat, friction and overall rough treatment. A better approach to hygiene was all he needed to resolve the issue.

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