All men want to avoid health problems related to the penis, from injuries to infections and diseases. Keeping the manhood in good form and function isn’t rocket science, but it does require men to take appropriate penis care steps. Everything from how a man washes it to how (and how much) he uses it can impact the wellbeing of the organ into old age and in the short-term as well; there are also more holistic factors of penis health that don’t directly involve what one does with the organ itself. By learning about the various contributors to a well-kept tool, men can increase their chances of performance ability both now and in the future; they can also enhance the pleasure they are capable of experiencing. Take the following penis care steps for optimal sexual and penile health.

1) Use it often. To understand this care step, a man must understand what happens when he has an erection. Two chambers within the penis, called the corpora cavernosa, become engorged with blood; this is what hardens the penis. Blood is rich in nutrients and oxygen, which are necessary for keeping penile tissues healthy. This may increase the likelihood of erectile ability lasting well into old age. There is also some evidence to suggest that frequent ejaculation may contribute to prostate health.

2) Don’t skip on sleep. Nighttime boners are something most healthy men experience, and they aren’t necessarily related to sensual dreams. During the rapid eye movement (REM) phase of deep sleep, the brain signals the penis to become erect, usually several times a night. As described above, frequent erections are good for the penis.

3) Wash well, but not too well. Using hot water and strong soaps can dry out the penis and lead to chafed skin as well as desensitization as the skin responds to excess friction by developing a tough outer layer. Use warm water and skip the soap altogether, or use a very gentle cleanser.

4) Don’t insert until completely rigid. A penis at half-mast is susceptible to buckling upon insertion, which can cause anything from skin tearing and temporary soreness to fracturing - a severe injury requiring surgery.

5) Easy on the hard thrusts. Though fractures are rare, they can occur from thrusting at an odd angle. Men are particularly vulnerable when the woman is riding on top. If things are getting out of hand, slow her down.

6) Self-examine often. Check for any abnormalities - bumps, discoloration, skin texture changes, etc.

7) Get regular check-ups. A man can’t replace his doctor. He should get routine examinations along with sexually transmitted infection screenings.

8) Mind the prostate. An enlarged prostate is a concern for many reasons - cancer being one of the most severe. But it can also lead to erectile dysfunction and early ejaculation. Guys should eat plenty of omega-3 fatty acids and avoid a high-fat diet in order to preserve prostate health.

9) Eat well. Diet-related diseases like heart disease and type 2 diabetes are related to poor penile health, since they affect blood flow and nerve function. Plenty of fiber and antioxidants in the diet, combined with limited saturated fat and sugar intake, are important components of a healthy regimen.

10) Control bad habits. High alcohol intake or cigarette smoking can affect penile health in a variety of ways, from interfering with adequate blood flow to desensitizing nerves. Keeping these habits in check does the penis good.

11) Use a penis skin care product. Skin care isn’t only for women, or only for the face and hands. Penile skin can grow dry, sore and/or wrinkly, and deserves some love. A penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) with Shea butter and vitamin E can do wonders for manhood skin. The best products contain other nutrients, like L-arginine and acetyl L-carnitine, that promote circulatory and nerve function as well.