Anyone who has ever suffered from chafing can offer an earful on how awful it feels. Chafing is common among athletes, fitness buffs and even those who have the unfortunate experience of walking around in soaked cotton shorts for an extended period of time - here’s looking at you, evil blast of water from the log ride at the amusement park two years ago… Even those who practice the best penis care can experience this painful problem. Chafing can happen anywhere that two body parts touch, or anywhere that wet or sweaty clothing touches. Basically, if there is friction, there can (and probably will) be chafing. Penis chafing is one of the most bothersome of all chafing problems, because it means barely being able to move without annoyance at best - and at worse, serious pain.

Proper care prevents chafing on penis

The good news is that the right approach can cut down significantly on the amount of chafing the junk must endure. Here are some tips.

1) Avoid cotton. If the day will include serious workouts or other sweaty moments, cotton is not a friend. The same properties that make cotton so soft will also wick up moisture, holding it close. The result is inevitable chafing wherever that cotton rubs against the skin. Look instead for underwear and shorts made of a sweat-wicking fabric.

2) Get a quick shower. Any moisture held against the skin can lead to a chafing problem. Even those sweat-wicking fabrics aren’t going to leave skin entirely dry. Jump in the shower immediately after a workout, or at least change into something fresh and dry when the sweating is over.

3) Use baby powder. The cornstarch in baby powder is fantastic at absorbing moisture and making all hot, sweaty regions a little more comfortable. Penis chafing can be avoided by a quick sprinkle of baby powder in the morning and again after a workout, so keep a bottle at home and in the gym bag.

4) Try lubricants. If the idea of sprinkling baby powder all over the crotch doesn’t sound like a good time, look to lubricants instead. Many runners swear by petroleum jelly as their friction-free application of choice. Simply smear a small bit on the areas of skin that might rub against each other, such as the penis and inner thighs.

5) Use compression shorts. These shorts work wonders by restricting movement with a tight fit. This helps prevent the rubbing and friction that leads to chafing on penis and everywhere else. These shorts fit well enough to be worn in place of underwear and they look just fine underneath athletic clothing.

6) Practice excellent penis care. A powerful penis health crème can ensure that the skin of the penis is as healthy as possible - a very good thing for any man, but an absolute must for those who are very athletic or tend to have problems with chafing. In addition to applying the crème on a regular basis, take care to shower regularly, dry the area thoroughly and allow for extra ventilation when possible. That’s a great excuse to go commando at home!

Proper care for penis chafing

Sometimes, despite the best possible efforts, chafing on penis and other areas does occur.

When this happens, it is vitally important to take immediate steps to ensure the area heals quickly and stays as healthy as possible. In addition to careful cleaning, it’s important to ‘air things out.’ If it’s possible to be naked at home, get down to it.

In addition, use of a good penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven safe and mild for skin) will aid the healing process. The chosen crème should contain Vitamin E for hydration, Vitamin A for fighting bacteria, and Vitamin D for overall health. The crème should also contain a powerful emollient, such as Shea butter, that will thoroughly hydrate the skin and help ensure proper healing.