Ah, the feeling of stripping off the underwear and letting all the equipment loose! Going commando is one of the first things many men do when they get behind closed doors, especially after a long day of work. Though sometimes underwear can be very necessary, especially for those who prefer to feel a little ‘hugged’ during the day, most men will jump at the opportunity to go commando if they can get away with it.

However, keep in mind that going commando for good isn’t as easy as tossing those boxers or briefs. The sensitive skin down there can only handle so much rubbing before penis chafing and other irritations begin. Part of proper penis care includes preparing the genital region to handle this sudden change in attire - and to ensure that no one else knows the boxers-or-briefs status.

Baby powder is a friend

When things get hot and sweaty down there, as inevitably they will, the perfect environment for fungus growth is created. That translates into an irritated penis with a raging case of jock itch. To stop the fungus, sprinkle a little baby powder along the genitals, as well as the inside crotch of whatever pants will be worn that day. Baby powder will help keep all that sweat at bay.

Laundry day comes more often

Going commando means there is no barrier between the jeans or slacks and the family jewels. Boxers and briefs typically ‘catch’ the sweat that naturally builds up throughout the day, and helps keep the pants clean enough to wear several times before washing. Going commando changes that, so expect to wash those pants twice as often as before. When purchasing new attire, opt for pants that are bit thicker, as they will stand up to regular washing better than thinner pants will.

Crotches get sweat stains too

Think sweat stains on dress shirts are bad? Crotch stains are even worse. This is especially common with slacks, but it can happen with jeans as well. Eventually, even regular use of baby powder won’t be enough to avoid the telltale darkness. To get rid of the stains, give pants the same treatment as shirts: Soak the stained area in a mixture of dish detergent and peroxide, then let it set for a while. Then wash it in cool water with the usual detergent.

Avoid the possibility of an eyeful

Going commando means that everything is free to move around. That also means that sitting down the wrong way might give anyone in the room quite an eyeful, especially when wearing ‘skinny’ jeans or even a well-fitted trouser. Before going commando outside the home, take a good look in the mirror. Is it possible that someone might see a bit more than they bargained for? If so, retire that particular pair of pants during commando days.

Cut down on penis chafing

The sensitive skin of the penis can be easily irritated, and there are few things that will irritate it faster than denim or other harsh fabrics creating friction down there. In order to prevent this, using the aforementioned baby powder might help. For heavy-duty problems, such as wearing a pair of jeans all day, consider covering the area with a thin layer of petroleum jelly. It might feel strange at first, but an irritated penis will feel much worse.

Use a powerful penis health crème

With all the possible penis chafing and irritation that comes with going commando, it pays to ensure that the skin stays as smooth and supple as possible. A top-notch penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven safe and mild for skin) can help ensure the penis stays as healthy as possible. A cream that includes neuroprotectives like acetyl L carnitine can help rejuvenate irritated skin, while moisturizers like Vitamin E can soothe after a long day of commando. Shea butter can also help counteract the drying effects of baby powder. It is vitally important to use a high-quality penis health crème every day in order to achieve the best results.