Many men worry about whether their penis is "normal," a concern fueled by the false conception that there is some ideal penis out there in size, shape and function that men would be blessed to have, or to approximate. But the vast majority of men have penises that are perfectly capable of functioning, and so long as they have taken measures to maintain penis health, they really have nothing to worry about. There are certain penis conditions out there that, though rare, contribute to problems in men’s sex lives and other areas. Some of the more interesting are discussed below.

Saxophone Penis

Some men have penises in a roughly saxophone shape. The bending may be caused by infections or blocked lymph nodes. Although most men can urinate normally with this condition, sex may be difficult or impossible.

Treating the underlying lymph issue or infection, in combination with penile reconstruction surgery, may be attempted to resolve the problem.

Penis Fracture

The penis contains no bones to fracture, but chambers within an erect penis can rupture, creating what is known as a penis fraction. When a man becomes erect, chambers called corpora cavernosa engorge with blood. If a man’s penis bends during a hard thrust while having sex (or practicing inventive masturbation methods), one or both chambers may rupture, allowing blood to escape.

When penis fracture occurs, there is no question as to whether something has gone wrong. Generally, the condition is tremendously painful, accompanied by a loud popping sound and immediate bruising. Men usually need surgery to repair the busted chambers in the penis. Immediate medical attention is highly recommended.

Urethral Stricture

A man’s urethra may narrow and begin to close up in response to scar tissue or inflammation from surgery, or from a straddle injury in which he suffered a blow to the manhood. This can cause difficulty urinating and lead to complications including prostatitis and urinary infections. Endoscopic methods, reconstruction of the urethra and a permanent urethral stent are treatment options.

Invaginated Penis

In rare cases, a penis can actually retreat into the subcutaneous fat layers of a man’s body, leaving behind an empty sheath like an elephant’s trunk. A hard blow to the penis can cause this. The invaginated penis generally cannot be used. Surgery is the corrective measure.

Penile Tuberculosis (TB)

When one hears "tuberculosis," one thinks of the lungs. This is a bacterial infection that usually affects the lungs, but can affect other parts of the body as well, including the penis. It is thought that men can acquire penile TB by having sex with a partner who has the infection, or by receiving a circumcision from someone infected. Treatment usually takes six months of anti-TB medication. It’s important to get treated, since the infection can create the growth of masses on the manhood that can disfigure it.

The few men affected by the conditions above require medical attention in order to restore penis health. Most men only need to do the basics in this department: wash regularly, keep it protected during sexual encounters and use lubricant to keep the skin in good condition.

Another step men can take toward optimal penile health is to make use of a quality penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) daily. This product contains Shea butter and vitamin D, rich natural moisturizers that help protect the skin from the assault of friction and keep it smooth, soft and supple. Additional benefits are L-arginine and vitamin C, which promote healthy blood flow, a crucial component of erectile function. Regardless of what state a man’s penis is in, using a skin care product just for the member is one way to boost its look and feel. Love what one has, and treat it well.